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Marlon warns Laurel – stay away until you sober up

Everyone has turned their backs on Laurel, hoping a dose of tough love will sort out the alcoholic. But being ousted is simply making Laurel more desperate. As she persists in calling people repeatedly, Marlon agrees to have a word. But he’s only got one point he wants to get across – she needs to sober up and be a good mum to the kids. End of.

With Rachel and Sam set to do a runner with Samson and Archie, Rachel warns her boyfriend to keep schtum. But he just can’t keep such a big thing from Zak and Lisa. His confession, however, kickstarts a chain of events which puts paid to their exit.

The guilt about their one-night stand just isn’t ebbing away for Vanessa and Adam. Back at Keepers, Adam is trying to have some alone time with his girlfriend when movers start loading Betty’s things into a van.