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Michelle's secret is out!

When Steve suggests Amy should have her tea at Tracy's, she bunks off school and returns home in a foul mood, telling Michelle that Sam's dumped her. Later, Michelle assures Amy that Will was her first boyfriend but she loves Steve. Amy apologises and they hug. As Steve and Michelle share a kiss in the back room, they're interrupted by Will… and Saskia, who has an accusation to make.

As a hungover Sarah tries to remember how much she told Todd, he tells the police that Tony killed Callum and confessed to the murder months ago. When Todd arrives home and announces that he's reported Tony for Callum's murder, Eileen, Jason and Billy listen in stunned silence.

Eva tells Leanne about Nick and Carla's wedding and Tracy's blackmail plot. When Leanne calls at Nick's flat, she's horrified at his dishevelled state and vows to help him win back the bistro, asking Robert to sell Nick his share of the bistro back.

Tim flogs bottles of home brew to his mates from the conservatory. Izzy confides in Johnny that she's up in court next week and is touched when he gives her a week off on full pay.