Myra and Diego get a surprise visitor in Hollyoaks

Hollyoaks Myra Diego

A glamorous woman arrives in Hollyoaks, but she's far from pleased to see Myra...

As a glamorous, designer-clad woman arrives in the village after a long flight, Diego and Myra prepare for an important visitor who will decide their destiny. Myra, however, fears her dream of being rich is already over when she sees their guest in the village reading about her con.

Myra hides at the McQueens but the glamorous woman isn't far behind and she's disgusted to see Myra. When Celine comes home, Myra introduces her as Diego’s fiancée to his mum, Juanita! Jesse is heartbroken when he sees Celine and Diego kissing through the window.

Grace can see how much Esther wants to find Kim and suggests they go to Kath’s care home to see when she last visited. It turns out the same woman, ‘Cherilyn Delaine’ visits every Monday so they wait… and Frankie turns up! Esther's stunned when Kim turns up and warns her not to trust Jack, while Jack gets a call from 'Billy'.

Also, Ste’s delighted when Tony agrees to give him the money for his tan van. He then pitches his idea for a VIP launch to the Donovans so that he can use their salon.

And Joanne leaves Mercedes, Freddie and Joe stunned by her revelation at the Roscoes'.



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