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Peri is rushed to hospital!

Danny thinks he's persuaded Peri not to tell Sam about him and John Paul, but the teen steals her dad's school keys. She tells Tom what she witnessed and decides she's going to find more evidence. She cries when she finds a love note Danny wrote to John Paul and confronts her dad. In the village at the top of the city steps, Danny blocks Peri's way, trying to stop her getting to Sam. As she turns to walk away, Peri passes out and tumbles down the concrete stairs. Having seen everything, Leela rushes to her sister's aid. The guilt is eating Danny up as Peri lies unconscious in hospital.

Maxine is still trying to hide her community service from Patrick. He tells her to stay in all day to train Dexter and arrange the books, CDs and DVDs into alphabetical order, but she has to do her community service

Leela gets roped into covering for Ste at The Hutch while he goes and tells John Paul his true feelings. However, at the prison, John Paul tells Ste that he doesn't feel the same and he wants him to leave.