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Punch away the pain! Zak Dingle suggests Aaron join a gym

Aaron Dingle, Zak Dingle

Aaron takes out his pain on a punchbag as his 'trainer' Zak Dingle suggests he joins a gym

Zak Dingle takes the strain as Aaron unleashes his rage during another session on the punchbag. It's all getting a bit much for ol' Zak who suggests Aaron might get more out of joining a gym. Will Adam agree to sign up with his best mate?

Rhona and Paddy's closeness is plain for all to see - especially for their closest friend Marlon, who's worried about what's going on between the exes.

Having heard from Rishi that the Spanish 'timeshare' investment may have gone south, Frank is on the case. He has no idea that it's a non-existent business dreamt up by Megan and Charity, who are out to ruin him. But when Frank goes through Megan's phone to find the number of her 'solicitor' in Spain and presses 'call', it's Charity's phone which starts ringing… Will Frank find out he's being scammed?