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Robbie's hell-bent on protecting Phoebe!

The McQueens try desperately to get into Phoebe's hospital room but Robbie is determined to stop them. Mercedes calls Joe and Freddie for back up and they talk Robbie round. Everyone is relieved when Dr S'Avage tells them Phoebe has pulled through the operation. Robbie goes into her room and, just before she falls asleep, Phoebe tells him Grace Black shot her.

Meanwhile,Tegan is put out by the return of loved-up Leela and Ziggy and feels uncomfortable as they start talking about having babies. Elsewhere, Ziggy offers to look after Brutus for Grace. He tries to persuade Leela to get a dog, but changes his mind when Brutus eats his breakfast.

Later, Tegan and Kim are in The Dog playing ‘guess who’ with post-its on their foreheads. Celine comes in and reveals the good news about Phoebe and, in high-spirits, Tegan goes over to a group of lads and snogs one of them. Celine is mortified when it turns out to be Josh, who bought Mariam’s painting, and panics that he'll find out she's a fraud.