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Robert drunkenly tries to kiss Aaron

With Chrissie now in the know about Robert’s part in the Home Farm robbery, their marriage is all but over. Hitting the bottle, Robert’s all over the place and when his secret lover, Aaron, tries to lend his support, he drunkenly lunges at him! How will Aaron respond? Protective mum Chas, meanwhile, is pleased when she overhears her son telling Robert that Chrissie was right to leave him.

Acting on his suspicions, Finn confronts Emma about what she’s been up to, calling her on the fake mugging and Chas’s disappearing passport. As her angry son insists she tell James she’s been lying and meddling before he does, Emma’s in a tight spot…

Having named and shamed Lachlan on social media, Alicia’s soon having to deal with the consequences of her actions. When she finds her teenage attacker being set upon by a gang of lads, will she step in to save his skin?