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Sarah and Callum get hot and heavy

Once inside No 8, Sarah and Callum tear off each other’s clothes and kiss passionately. Over dinner, Andy lets slip to furious Bethany that she and Sarah are returning to Italy tomorrow. As Sarah and Callum head upstairs, David, Max and Bethany arrive, but Callum slips out of the backdoor. Bethany tells Sarah she’s being mature and is ready to return to Italy, however when Stephen calls Sarah from Milan, Bethany’s suddenly reasonable behaviour is explained.

When Anna makes it clear to Owen she won’t change her mind and they’re finished, Owen drops a bombshell on the family.

Tracy and Tony enjoy an evening of sex at No 1. They agree that they both want more from life and Tracy suggests they should get their own pub.

Nick and Carla enjoy an evening in front of the telly with a bottle of wine and romance begins to develop between the pair.