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Scott gears up to meet his dad


As Scott prepares to meet his dad, Lily worries he's going to be let down...

Mercedes helps Scott to prepare for meeting his dad, but Lily's worried he's setting himself up for a fall and agrees to go along for moral support. When Scott gets the information he's craved, he returns to see Greta...

Meanwhile, Neeta's still trying to play Cupid for Sally and messages someone on Sally's behalf. Sally and Roberta's date seems to be going well until Roberta gets an urgent phone call and has to leave. Has Sally fallen at the first hurdle?

It seems Ryan's hiding something when he gets a message from 'Jules' saying: ‘I miss u. Do you miss me? x’ Ryan arranges to meet Jules – but will things go according to plan?

Also, Louis is stunned when Simone makes a life-changing decision.