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Shona listens in as Gail and Sarah discuss David’s twisted plan

Shona in Coronation Street

Can Gail persuade Shona not to go to the police after she overhears the Platts' dark secret in Corrie?

When Shona finds herself in the Platts' house she can’t resist having a snoop round. But when Gail and Sarah return home she’s hides under the stairs. Gail and Sarah discuss David’s guilt towards Anna, worrying that people will uncover David’s plan to blow up Clayton’s prison van.

Stunned, Shona reveals herself. Gail begs Shona not to repeat what she heard, insisting he never meant to hurt Anna. Will Shona agree?

Rosie and Sophie use the address they found at the Gazette office as they aim to track down Sally’s online troll.

Michelle starts work at the bistro. As she flirts with Robert, Leanne warns him to be careful as Michelle’s most likely on the rebound.

Faye secretly phones Phelan and makes arrangements to visit Seb. Kevin makes plans to save his business.