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Sienna and Reenie want the same job

Reenie and Sienna battle it out for a job at Price Slice and Ste tells Sienna that he thinks Ben is married. Nico puts her revenge plan into action when she spikes Sienna's soup with painkillers but Sienna mixes up the bowls. When Sienna then gives Nico a bracelet, Nico feels guilty about trying to poison her mother and tries to take back the soup – but which soup has the pills in?

When Sienna goes back to work, Nico realises that she ate the poisoned soup, not Sienna. Nico texts Dylan for help and collapses and, when Dylan finds her, he calls an ambulance. But when Sienna returns home and sees Dylan leaning over an unconscious Nico, she thinks Dylan is trying to rape her daughter. When the doctors tell Sienna that Nico took an overdose, she feigns ignorance and Ben arrests Dylan.

Meanwhile, Ste plans a romantic night with Sinead but when they try to take things further, awkwardness ensues and Ste bangs his head on Sinead's tooth. Later, they manage to muster up some sexual chemistry and sleep together.

Also, as Jason helps Cindy with her novel, Holly enters and they spring apart like they’ve done something wrong. When Cindy whispers ‘same time tomorrow?’ to Jason, he worries about what he's got himself in to.