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Will Joe cause chaos at JJ's naming ceremony?

Freddie and Lindsey are touched when Robbie and Ziggy arrive at Joe Junior's naming ceremony to be the tot's godparents. But will it be all-out war or happy families for the Roscoes when Joe also turns up at the ceremony?

Elsewhere, Phoebe finds Mercedes' diary and is shocked when she glances at one of the extracts. It reads: 'Who does Freddie Roscoe think he is? Telling me to leave town? No way I'm letting a scrat like that think he can scare me off. Our Jacqui told me to never run from a fight. So I’m not going to. He can play the big man all he wants. He's not threatening me.'

Also, Tony invites Ste and John Paul over for tea with a surprising outcome for John Paul when he realises that Harry is Tony's son!