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Will Peri survive in the bunker?

Ruby O'Donnell plays Peri Lomax in Hollyoaks

Nico attempts to revive an unconscious Peri in Hollyoaks

Nico attempts to give Peri mouth-to-mouth just as her eyes ping open. Nancy and Darren support each other as they drag Patrick’s body through the woods, unaware that Nico and Peri are in the bunker close by. As Sienna realises Peri and Nico are missing and Cameron tries to call his daughter, Nico and Peri resign themselves to spending another night in the woods.

Meanwhile, a crowd has gathered around the forensic tent at the wall, Maxine has been taken to the police station, and Jack and Frankie are startled by the terrifying truth that Warren’s returned. Jack and Frankie soon come face-to-face with Warren. When Warren tells Jack that 'Billy' sends his regards from prison, the colour drains from Jack's face…

Also, Mac confides in Neeta about his insecurities and she promises to be more considerate. Neeta tells Ellie and the boys not to use any photos of her – but Marnie persuades Ellie to do the opposite!