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Will runaways Victoria and Adam wed? (VIDEO)

*First episode*

It’s Victoria and Adam’s secret big day. As the runaway couple get ready, they try to stop thinking about what will happen afterwards when Victoria goes to court. When Aaron gets to the register office, he tries to reassure worried Adam. Victoria then arrives on Finn’s arm. As the ceremony gets underway, the besotted pair are engrossed until the door starts to open… In enters Moira, Diane and Andy who have come to give their blessings!

Emotions run high as Victoria and Adam are then pronounced man and wife. Elsewhere, Robert’s expecting to see Adam and Victoria when he draws up at the address Cain gave him but instead finds Cain lying in wait! The mechanic then knocks Robert out cold and locks him in the boot of his car!

Priya tells Rakesh she can’t lie to Kirin and reveals how she wants the lawyer to tell his son what he did to the DNA results of Vanessa’s baby. Later, she finds herself acting the hypocrite when she lies, using her anorexia to stop David taking their daughter Amba away to Portugal.