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Zak and Lisa’s dinner date disaster!

Zak Dingle, Lisa Dingle

Zak tries to woo Lisa, who's all but given up on their relationship, but the evening is a disaster.

First episode

Having been told by Lisa that she doesn’t think it’s working out between them, Zak’s on a mission to change his ex-wife’s mind. Belle cajoles reluctant Lisa into agreeing to go out for dinner with Zak. But when they arrive at the pub in their gladrags, Lisa’s furious to see Faith, a former conquest of Zak's and his former sister-in-law, working behind the bar – a harsh reminder of his love cheat past. The evening goes downhill rapidly!

When Liv hears Robert wasn’t allowed to see Aaron she’s worried. Knowing her banged up brother has started smoking drugs, she reckons Aaron’s been caught and is in trouble with the guards. She tells Robert who then fumes when he visits Aaron who is unaware Robert knows about the drugs and lies to him about it.

Doug has a pop at Jimmy and Bob who haven’t yet visited Ashley in the care home.