Meet the No Limit cast: who's who in the French Netflix romance

Camille Rowe as Roxana and Sofiane Zermani as Pascal
Who's in the cast of No Limit? (Image credit: Netflix)

No Limit is a French romantic drama that will leave you as breathless as the deep sea divers it focuses on.

The official Netflix synopsis reads: "When Roxana (Camille Rowe) meets world champion freediver, Pascal Gauthier (Sofiane Zermani), she falls head over heels in love. She becomes both lover and student as Pascal initiates her into an extreme sport that’s as enthralling as it is death-defying. 

"Moving from one competition to the next, in dive locations across the world, Roxana begins to push limit after limit, wholly consumed in the throws of this passionate affair… but where will it end? No Limit is inspired by a true story."

Let's take a look at the main players diving to extreme depths in No Limit..

Camille Rowe as Roxana

Camille Rowe as Roxana

(Image credit: Netflix)

Camille Rowe plays the lead role of Roxana. She drops out of college to pursue her dreams of becoming a freediver, where she falls in love with her instructor, Pascal.

She has a turbulent relationship with her mother, who disapproves of her leaving college to start a new life with Pascal and her dangerous deep-diving antics.

The French actress has previously starred in The Deep House, Our Day Will Come, Cosmic Dawn and many more.

Sofiane Zermani as Pascal

Sofiane Zermani as Pascal

(Image credit: Netflix)

Sofiane Zermani plays 2015 world freediving champion Pascal, who is Roxana's freediving instructor that she falls in love with. He's fearless, determined and the leader of the diving school team. 

There's an instant attraction between him and Roxana and he wastes no time in letting his feelings known. He also encourages Roxana's rookie diving talents, despite it being dangerous.

Throughout the movie, Pascal's competitiveness constantly sees him trying to beat dangerous deep diving records.

Sofiane's acting credits include Savages, Close Enemies, Bad Seeds and more.

César Domboy as Tom

César Domboy is Tom, one of the freediving instructors who works with Pascal. He strikes up a friendship with Roxana after he spots her sleeping on the beach when she spends all her money on the freediving lessons.

As Roxana is determined to make it into the deep diving team, he teaches her important skills and is supportive of her talents. There is also a sense of attraction between him and Roxana.

César has been in The Walk, Outlander and Up for Love.

Zacharie Chasseriaud as Sacha

Zacharie Chasseriaud plays Sacha, who is on Pascal's diving team. He is good friends with Tom and Roxana.

Zacharie has featured in The Good Life, Among the Living and Plein la vue.

Laurent Fernandez as Stephane

Laurent Fernandez is Stephane, who is also part of Pascal's diving team. Initially, he butts heads with Pascal over his decision to include Roxana in the team due to her inexperience and he often voices his opinions.

Laurent has a hefty acting CV, with roles in One Night, Sideway, Crimes Parfaits and Mea Culpa to name a few.

No Limit is available to watch on Netflix now.

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