One Day episode 10 recap: shock bombshells and a wedding to remember

Emma and Dexter lean in to kiss in One Day episode 10.
Emma and Dexter reunite at a friend's wedding in One Day episode 10. (Image credit: Matt Towers)

In One Day episode 10, Emma and Dexter have a long-awaited reunion at a friend's wedding.

After an awkward encounter, the pair get lost in conversation and things soon get complicated when their reconciliation rouses romantic feelings.

Here's everything that happened in One Day episode 10...

15 July 1997

Dexter and Sylvie are at a wedding and he keeps looking at the door, waiting for someone to arrive. Meanwhile, Emma arrives with a group of university friends and they all rush into the chapel.

It soon becomes clear that it's Tilly's wedding and she tells Emma that Dexter is in attendance. As the ceremony gets underway, Emma and Dexter lock eyes from across the chapel after not seeing each other for over a year.

At the wedding, Emma tells one of the guests that she's writing a book and is on a sabbatical from teaching. Dexter also runs into his old university friend Callum, who isn't happy that he never returned his calls or texts. 

Callum interrogates Dexter about his fall out with Emma, but Dexter quickly changes the subject to ask about his partner Louisa. They catch up with each other and Callum reveals he is running a successful food business, but says to Dexter that he doesn't see him on TV anymore.

Dexter says an awkward hello to Emma, but is soon caught up in conversation with Callum again, who is going on about his sandwich business and offers Dexter a job.

Dexter goes up to Emma again, but has to walk away to save Sylvie from Callum. Tilly pulls Emma aside to talk about Dexter's "disgustingly beautiful" girlfriend.

Ambika as Emma giving a wedding speech in One Day.

Emma gives a touching speech at Tilly's wedding. (Image credit: Netflix)

Later on, Emma delivers a heartwarming speech telling everyone how she first met Tilly and how a complete stranger later became the most important person in her life. She reminisces about the happiest four years she spent with Tilly and wishes her and Graham a happy marriage.

Dexter asks Emma to talk and they walk through a maze away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding. We learn that Emma has written a book and got a massive advance at work so she can work on her next one.

Dexter opens up to Emma about how he messed up his career and his life, but dating Sylvie has made him a changed man as he reveals he's now sober.

But the biggest shock comes when Dexter reveals he's engaged and invites Emma to his wedding in seven weeks. Emma is even more shocked when he drops the bombshell that it's a shotgun wedding as Sylvie is pregnant.

Their heart-to-heart is soon interrupted when Dexter gets a call from Sylvie asking him to come back. Emma tells him how much she missed him and her regrets about walking away that night.

Despite feeling happy for her best friend, she can't help thinking that she has lost Dexter all over again and shares her fears that he'll drift away from her due to his new responsibilities.

Dexter promises that won't happen and they kiss each other. As they pull away, the pair make amends and head off to meet Sylvie.

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