One Day episode 11 recap: Dexter's marriage hits the rocks

Dexter and Sylvie in One Day episode 11
One Day episode 11 sees Dexter face troubles in his marriage. (Image credit: Matt Towers)

In One Day episode 11 Dexter is still adjusting to domestic life and reminisces about times gone by when he discovers an old mixtape from Emma.

However, his marriage to Sylvie is at a low point and a huge secret threatens to destroy their relationship for good.

Here's everything that happened in One Day episode 11...

15 July 1998

Dexter is now working full-time at Callum's coffee shop and a customer mocks him for working a regular job after recognising him from TV. 

Emma pops in to catch up with Dexter as she has a meeting around the corner about marketing her new book. Dexter is happy with his job and appreciates what Callum has done for him, telling Emma that his only complaint is the music they play in the shop.

Dexter returns home to a building site and we discover that he and Sylvie are now parents to a baby girl called Jasmine. An irritated Sylvie snaps at Dexter for calling their daughter Jazz and she breaks down, exhausted with everything.

Sylvie is struggling to cope with a baby and renovating the house, but refuses to go to her parents house to rest as she can't cope with their questions about Dexter's job.

Sylvie contemplates cancelling her night out, but Dexter insists she still go and reassures her concerns about leaving Jasmine with him. When she eventually goes out, Dexter drinks wine and blasts music while taking care of Jasmine.

Ambika Mod as Emma Morley.

Dexter calls Emma after finding an old mixtape. (Image credit: Netflix)

Dexter finds a mixtape Emma made for him while he was traveling and is immediately reminded of her. He calls her and asks her to come over, but she refuses as she has dinner plans with Tilly at her house, who is also now a mother of one.

Emma struggles to bond with Tilly's baby, while Sylvie calls Dexter from a hotel room asking him about Jasmine. During their awkward conversation, Dexter reassures her that he's working on becoming a provider for the family and that everything will get better.

Once Sylvie hangs up the phone, Callum emerges from the hotel bathroom, revealing that she's been cheating on Dexter. Callum urges Sylvie to stay with him, despite her feeling worried about Dexter's strange behavior and wanting to go home.

Callum gets annoyed with her despondent attitude, saying: "For Chrissake, I've given the guy a job. What else can I do? Was that not enough?"

Dexter sits alone in the living room, while Emma spends time with Tilly and Graham as they both contemplate what comes next in their lives.

One Day is available to stream worldwide on Netflix. 

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