One Day episode 9 recap: run-in with the in-laws

Dexter and Sylvie in One Day episode 9
Dexter meets his girlfriend's parents in One Day episode 9. (Image credit: Matt Towers)

One Day episode 9 sees Dexter try and make a good impression on his new girlfriend's parents, but the visit doesn't go as well as he hoped.

Over dinner, Dexter gets a call from his agent and receives some news that hits him like a tonne of bricks.

Here's everything that happened in One Day episode 9...

15 July 1996

The episode opens with Dexter hosting a show called Game On. He is now dating a girl called Sylvie and has driven to meet her parents in the Cotswolds, who live on a sprawling estate.

Dexter desperately wants to impress her parents and she takes him upstairs to her bedroom. After their passionate encounter, a nervous Dexter meets Sylvie's posh parents who are hard to impress and they quiz him about his parents' jobs, unaware that his mum passed away.

Sylvie's dad and her twin brothers Sam and Murray jibe at Dexter for not wanting to drink alcohol. The twins continue to insult Dexter as he attempts to make conversation with them, until Dexter receives a call from his agent.

Dexter is devastated when his agent tells him that Game On doesn't want him back for season two as they want to appeal to a younger audience. Dexter puts on a brave face at dinner when Sylvie's family congratulate him for landing series two, but he tells them that he's not sure it's the direction he wants to go in to cover his back.

Lionel holding a rolled up newspaper with twins Sam and Murray behind him.

Things get out of hand during a family game. (Image credit: Matt Towers)

The twins criticize the TV shows Dexter previously worked on and laugh at his career prospects. Later on, Sylvie's family urge him to join in and play 'Are you there, Moriarty?' which requires two players to be blindfolded and use a rolled-up newspaper as a weapon.

Dexter is embarrassed when he loses against Sam and with the job rejection weighing heavily on his mind, he ends up hitting Sylvie too hard with the newspaper when one of the twins antagonizes him even more during the game.

Blood pours out of her nose and Dexter is feeling awful for accidentally injuring his girlfriend. In bed, Dexter reminisces about the night he met Emma while lying next to Sylvie and he can't stop himself from laughing, knowing that Emma would find today's events funny.

As the episode wraps up, Dex shares with Sylvie that he loves her. He also lets her know that he cares about her family, regardless of their flaws or mistakes.

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