One Day episode 12 recap: romance in Paris

Emma and Dexter have coffee in a cafe.
Dexter and Emma reunite in Paris in One Day episode 12. (Image credit: Netflix)

One Day episode 12 sees a troubled Dexter visit Emma in Paris, who is thriving in her new life away.

As they wander the streets in the city of love, the memory of their encounter months before lingers in the air. Here's everything that happened in One Day episode 12...

15 July 1999

The episode opens with Dexter boarding a train to Paris, while having a conversation on the phone about his divorce. After the brutal conversation, Dexter reads Emma's new book called "Nisha Halliday Versus the Whole Wide World," meanwhile, Emma is in Paris having a haircut and reading through her book manuscript. 

Emma meets Dexter at the train station and they have a long hug. To cheer up the divorcee, Emma takes Dexter for a walk around Paris to see the sights before they go back to her flat. 

Dexter and Emma discuss how Paris has changed her and reminisce about Dexter’s last visit to the city with his now ex-wife. However, there's another reason behind Dexter's visit to Paris as he tells Emma they should talk about what happened, but Emma avoids the deep conversation for later. 

They go into a café where Dexter turns down her offer of ordering wine as he wants to stay sober, before pulling out Emma's book and asking her to sign it for him along with a personal message. Dexter gushes about how much he loved her book and the conversation shifts to his ongoing divorce.

He reveals that Sylvie has now moved in with Callum, but he gets tearful when he talks about his strained relationship with his daughter Jasmine who he only gets to see once a fortnight.

Emma tells him that she’s in Paris doing research for her second book, which is about Nisha Halliday going on a school trip to Paris and falling in love with a French boy. Meanwhile, Dexter is at a loss on what to do with his life and Emma gives him a pep talk.

Dexter and Emma walk through the streets of Paris.

Dexter and Emma meet each other in Paris. (Image credit: Netflix)

They go back to Emma's flat and Dexter kisses her, but she quickly pulls away and reveals that she has a boyfriend called Jean-Pierre. Dexter is devastated as he tells her that she should have told him before he came to Paris.

Dexter insists that he came to talk about what happened between them, which turns out to be that they slept together after he found out Sylvie was cheating on him. They get into an argument about that night, before they sit down and talk things through calmly.

Emma tells him that it happened because she was a shoulder to cry on and he was heartbroken about Sylvie and Jasmine, but nothing more. However, it clearly meant something to Dexter as he admits: "Well, I've been thinking about it. A lot. I haven't stopped thinking about it. Ever since it happened. You and me."

Emma dashes Dexter's hopes of being together saying that their time has passed, but their heated exchange is interrupted when Jean-Pierre turns up. Dexter and Jean-Pierre have a very awkward first meeting, before Emma reveals that she's booked for them to go out for dinner together.

Dexter cancels due to Jean-Pierre being there and lies that he's not feeling well. They go off without him and Dexter cries alone in the flat while he reads the message she wrote him in the book.

Emma returns soon after and kisses Dexter and they have sex. Finally realising that they're destined to be together, Emma warns him: "If you lead me on, or let me down, or go behind my back I will murder you" and he promises her he never will.

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