One Day episode 13 recap: a devastating tragedy destroys Dexter and Emma

Dexter leaning on the cafe counter.
Tragedy strikes Dexter and Emma in One Day episode 13. (Image credit: Netflix)

One Day episode 13 documents Emma and Dexter's life together over three years. As the years go on, Dexter and Emma's bond grows tighter. Dexter has started his own business and Emma's writing is going well.

All seems perfect for the couple, until a heartbreaking tragedy strikes on St. Swithin's Day.

Here's everything that happened in One Day episode 13...

15 July 2000

Dexter and Emma wake up in bed together and suggests she give up her flat and move in with him. Emma tells him she'll think about it as he continues to try and convince her.

The couple go out to meet Dexter's dad and an estate agent at an empty shop, which Dexter plans to buy and open a Parisian deli and café. Dexter gives his business plan to his dad, who seems unsure about it all.

Outside, Emma gifts Dexter's father her new book and he shares his scepticism about Dexter's new business venture. Emma assures him that Dexter is up to the challenge and she wins him over. 

Back at home, Dexter and Emma discuss names for the café over a glass of wine and she agrees to move in with him.

Tim McInnerny as Stephen.

Dexter's dad is worried about his son's business plan. (Image credit: Netflix)

15 July 2001

Dexter and Emma are now engaged and she tells him that she's worried about how many people are coming to the wedding, but he quickly reassures her concerns.

Later on, Emma takes a glimpse at Dexter's wedding speech draft while she's writing her fourth book and Dexter heads off to work at his café which is now open. 

Emma goes for a swim and then meets Sylvie to pick up Jasmine. Sylvie kindly turns down Emma's wedding invitation and tells her that she's really happy for both of them. 

While Emma looks after Jasmine, she calls Tilly who is pregnant again and Emma reveals that she doesn't want to have a baby. Dexter returns from his shift at the café and they spend the whole day entertaining Jasmine.  

The bonding session clearly has an impact on Emma as she tells Dexter she's ready to have a baby and he happily agrees.

Sylvie talks with Emma.

Emma meets with Sylvie to pick up Jasmine. (Image credit: Netflix)

15 July 2002

A year on, Dexter and Emma are now husband and wife and he suggests they go house hunting as they've sold the flat now. However, Emma has other things on her mind and is upset that she's not pregnant.

Dexter tries to reassure her, but they're both snappy with each other and get into an argument about politics. Emma tells him that she's worried they left it too late and is disappointed that they've been trying for a year with no success.

They have a heart-to-heart about their youth and Emma confesses that she misses getting excited over things she used to when she was young. Dexter manages to cheer her up and he goes to work at his café, which is bustling with people.

Emma calls Tilly, who now has two children, about her relationship worries and she's on-hand to offer Emma some guidance. Dexter leaves Emma a touching voice message as he heads off to meet her at a house. He tells her that it's St. Swithin's Day, the day they first met and if it rains today it will rain all summer.

Dexter offers to cook her dinner tonight and watch a film, before saying he loves her and that he'll see her in a minute. As it pours down with rain, a soaked Emma responds to Dexter's voice message, telling him she might be five minutes late and apologises for being fed up this morning.

"The main thing I meant to say, and I know you know this, the main thing is I love you too. Very much," she says.

Dexter keenly listens to her message outside the house as he waits for her to arrive, but an unthinkable tragedy strikes as Emma is hit by a car while riding her bike.

During Emma's final moments, a flashback shows a little girl on a swing, before Emma tragically passes away.

One Day is available to stream worldwide on Netflix. 

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