‘Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo’ on Netflix— ‘Tidying up is transformative!’ insists cleaning guru Marie

'Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo' looks to transform three businesses.
'Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo' looks to transform three businesses. (Image credit: Netflix)

Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo follows tidying and decluttering expert Marie in a new three-part Netflix series but it’s not all about home makeovers this time. In her latest series, Marie helps three US small business owners by bringing her signature approach to tidying up — known as the KonMari Method — to their workplaces. The three workplaces she visits are a garden centre, a coffee shop and a church. Meanwhile, Sparking Joy will also a glimpse inside Marie’s own home, which (not surprisingly) is a space of order and serenity, despite her having three young children!

After inspiring an organisational renaissance with her bestselling book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up and her 2019 follow-up series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix. Sparking Joy is her next big show. So here, Marie, 36, tells us everything there is to know about Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo, while also revealing what we can learn from her new show and why tidying up can sometimes trigger a surprising emotional response, and she also gave us an idea what her own busy home is like…

Sparking Joy again uses the KonMari Method.

In Sparking Joy, Marie will again use her famous 'KonMari Method'. (Image credit: Netflix)

Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo release date

You can watch Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo on Netflix worldwide from Tuesday August 31, with all three episodes of 40 minutes released as a box set.

Is there a Sparking Joy trailer?

Yes there's a trailer for Sparking Joy With Marie Kondo. Take a look below as you can see some of the businesses and people helped by Maria Kondo in Sparking Joy...

Marie Kondo on what Sparking Joy is about…

Marie says: "After the launch of Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, so many people who used the KonMari Method shared their life-changing stories with us. It was these stories that inspired Sparking Joy, which focuses on applying the fundamentals of the KonMari Method to places beyond the home and takes a deeper look into the transformative power it has on peoples’ lives and the community around them. It was my first time tidying a garden nursery, so it was fun learning about the business and the unique tools and items that are specific to the profession. But the biggest challenge for people often comes when sorting through all the boxes and containers, as it can often be overwhelming!"

In Sparking Joy, Marie sees the biggest challenge being boxes and containers.

In Sparking Joy, Marie sees a big challenge, sorting through boxes and containers. (Image credit: Netflix)

Sparking Joy shows how tidying up can be emotional says Marie…

"Tidying is a process that allows you to have a dialogue with yourself and it’s an extremely personal experience. It helps people carefully think about what kind of life they want to live, examine what’s important to them and allows them to be more intentional in their lives. When you watch the show, you can see how happy people are when they have done the initial tidying!"

Sparking Joy will be highly emotional promises Marie.

Sparking Joy will be highly emotional promises Marie. (Image credit: Netflix)

Marie Kondo on how people easily accepte her concepts, like showing gratitude for items they’re getting rid of…

"Most people are open, but others take a little convincing. There can be some apprehension going into the tidying process, so ideas like showing gratitude helps create a positive mindset and eases some of the tension. There is so much we can’t control in life, so the opportunity to help people find joy in their lives, relationships and communities through tidying is truly special. I’m honoured that people let me into their lives."

Sparking Joy will bring happiness through tidying.

Sparking Joy will bring happiness through tidying and throwing things away. (Image credit: Netflix)

Marie Kondo on allowing cameras to film her at home with your husband and children…

"The world has changed so much since we filmed Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and the separation between home and work has shrunk. It felt only right that I share with viewers my mix of home and professional life in Sparking Joy because so many people going through a similar balancing act right now. With three children, it’s inevitable to have a messy drawer or closet! But my children are actually part of my motivation to keep making time for tidying. It’s a practice that I want them to see and use as they grow to bring strength into their personal and professional lives. For example, I try to incorporate tidying as part of their playtime so it’s part of the day, rather than making it into a chore. When the girls come home from school, sometimes they help me fold clothes. We all do it together and they love it!"

Sparking Joy’s Marie Kondo and her 3 top tidying tips…

Marie gives tidy tips throughout Sparking Joy.

Marie gives tidy tips throughout Sparking Joy. (Image credit: Netflix)

1. ‘First, greet your space,’ says Marie. ‘This will help you calm down and clear your mind. It also helps to reduce any anxiety you may have about the process.’

2. ‘Then visualise your ideal lifestyle. This will help you keep your focus on why you are tidying. Think of how nice it would be to only be surrounded by objects that ‘spark joy’, rather than pieces which no longer reflect who you are.’

3. ‘Finally, leave behind feelings of guilt. This will let you declutter, discard and/or donate without feelings of shame or guilt about being wasteful. Show gratitude for the objects that you keep. And or those you discard, appreciate the past when they brought you joy.’

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