The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 29, 2024: Steffy's low-blow

Hope (Annika Noelle) in The Bold and the Beautiful
Annika Noelle, The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Bill contemplates being Luna’s father while Steffy hits Hope below the belt in The Bold and the Beautiful recap for May 29, 2024. 

Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) wraps up a call when Hope (Annika Noelle) walks in. Steffy wanted to see her. They need to talk about Hope for the Future.

Bill (Don Diamont) is deep in thought about possibly being Luna’s (Lisa Yamada) father. Poppy (Romy Park) hands him some coffee, knowing he’s tired. All he can think about is what Poppy said about Luna. 

RJ (Joshua Hoffman) asks Luna how she feels about Bill possibly being her father. She’s always been open to the idea of Bill being her father because she really likes him.

Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) greets Eric (John McCook) and Donna (Jennifer Gareis). Eric is happy recuperating at home, since it gives him more time with Donna. They know that Ridge has been complaining about not having time to design now that he’s running things. Donna suggests that Brooke should get back into the office. Brooke isn’t sure about how Steffy would feel about Brooke being there. Katie (Heather Tom) arrives at the house and tells them the news about Bill’s new girlfriend: Luna’s mother, Poppy. Brooke has a concerned look.

RJ doesn’t understand why Poppy has always been so secretive about Luna’s father. Luna doesn’t really know. 

Poppy admits she was afraid to tell Bill about the possibility of him being her father because they’d just gotten back together. She raised Luna by herself and never thought she needed a man in her life, until now. 

Hope offers to get the new designs for Steffy, but Steffy stops her. Steffy says that the collection hasn’t been the same with RJ and Zende designing. It really hasn’t been the same since Thomas left. Hope points out that Thomas left "largely" because of Steffy’s interference. Steffy gives Hope a look and tells her not to blame her for what happened with Thomas. Steffy blames Hope for what happened with Thomas. Hope reminds her that she’s already had conversations with Ridge and Carter about the future of the line, but Steffy says that as co-CEO she needs to put a stop to it. Hope is sick of Steffy’s interference in her life. 

Brooke can’t believe Bill and Poppy have known each other that long and Katie never heard about her. Donna wonders if Bill has been getting to know Luna now that he’s getting closer to her mom, but Eric can’t imagine Bill wanting to get to know Luna at all. 

Luna admits that it has felt like her mom didn’t want anyone getting in the way of their little family. Her mom dated before, but never seriously. Luna thinks that maybe being with someone special would be different. RJ asks if Bill is that special someone.

Poppy (Romy Park) smiles in The Bold and the Beautiful

Romy Park, The Bold and the Beautiful (Image credit: CBS)

Bill wonders why Poppy made it out like she didn’t want him to be Luna’s father. She tells him that Luna’s paternity is complex and brings up complicated emotions. Bill reminds her how happy and proud he’d be if he ended up being Luna’s father. Poppy says that she didn’t tell him because she was afraid; she was afraid of what her sister might say about her being a gold digger. But now she’s fallen for him and the idea of him being Luna’s father is more appealing. 

Steffy tries to say that this isn’t personal between them. Hope refuses to back down, citing her dedication to her line. They just need time. Steffy isn’t confident of that at all.

Donna says that Eric has been doing much better. He’s meeting with his trainer and getting stronger. She sticks around to hear more about Bill and Poppy. Katie says that Bill loves his sons and is protective of them. Neither Donna nor Brooke can believe that Bill would want to be in Luna’s life. 

Luna tells RJ that Bill has been nothing but kind and sweet to her. She knows that he has history with RJ’s family, but he was there for her when she had an argument with her mother. After talking to him, she knew he was the kind of man she’d want as a father. 

Poppy tells Bill that what they had that night was so special, but then she never heard from him again. Bill knows that there’s no way he can apologize for hurting her like that. He’s there now, though, and he thinks they both need to know if Luna is his daughter. 

Hope points out that Hope for the Future is one of the most "impactful" lines and RJ and Zende have been fantastic. Steffy thinks that their time could be used on more beneficial projects with less overhead. That’s why she’s talking to Hope one on one. She didn’t want to blindside her, but she’s thinking about cutting the line. 

Brooke asks Katie how she feels seeing Bill with Poppy. Katie would have appreciated a heads-up, but she knows he’s his own man. Katie admits that she loves how Bill raises their son but she’s not sure about Luna’s mother. 

Bill promises to stand by Poppy and Luna if Luna turns out to be his daughter. They’ll always have a place in his life. Poppy says that she was right, and he’s the "most wonderful man." Bill says that they need to find out about Luna’s paternity. Poppy says she loves him and she always has. He says they should find out right away. "A daughter. I could have a daughter," he laughs happily. 

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