Tulsa King episode 3 recap: Dwight gets a not-so-friendly greeting

Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King
Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King (Image credit: Brian Douglas/Paramount+)

NOTE: This post contains spoilers for Tulsa King episode 3, "Caprice."

Armand (Max Casella) has been lurking in the shadows throughout Tulsa King's opening two episodes. After randomly spotting Dwight (Sylvester Stallone) at the mall and running away, Armand started to gather information on the New York mafioso who has been transplanted to Oklahoma. 

He was biding his time because in Tulsa King episode 3, "Caprice," Armand unleashes a hail of bullets towards Dwight. Which was particularly rude as Dwight was on the cusp of finally passing his driving test at the time.

Despite the many, many protestations of his unlucky driving examiner Pete, Dwight then launches into a ferocious car chase with the balaclava wearing Armand. Unfortunately for Dwight, Armand manages to speed away from his target, leaving Dwight and the viewers still in the dark about their relationship. This sudden eruption of violence was all the more startling for Dwight, as his Tulsa ties are only getting stronger. 

Especially with Stacy (Andrea Savage). Following his vehicular altercation with Armand, local police officers take Dwight back to the station for questioning. Of course, Dwight keeps his mouth firmly shut — he has had 25 years of practice after all. Stacy ultimately arrives  and uses her seniority to get him out. 

Andrea Savage and Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King

Andrea Savage and Sylvester Stallone in Tulsa King (Image credit: Brian Douglas/Paramount+)

The pair then go for a drink, where she asks him point-blank, "Who wants you dead?" Dwight again remains tight-lipped, before turning the questions on her. We learn that Stacy previously worked in New York and her career was thriving up until 2009, when she "lost her shit" and had a breakdown. That's exactly how Stacy ended up in Tulsa, where, like Dwight, she's currently trying to rebuild her reputation.

The pair instantly realize they're cut from the same cloth. The connection between them is so vibrant they end up having sex again, with Stacy insisting that it’s the final time. However, Dwight, the viewers and even she knows that's simply not true.

Meanwhile, Tyson (Jay Will) is now fully immersed in working alongside Dwight. So much so that he’s looking to the future. Tyson wants to follow in Dwight's criminal footsteps and become a capo/made-man. While Dwight can see Tyson's potential, he knows he isn't bad enough to become a gangster like him. Plus, at this point, he cares for Tyson too much to put him, or his family, in harm's way.

That's especially true after the shooting. Dwight even fires Tyson, handing him an envelope packed full of cash as a very generous severance package. However, Tyson isn’t interested. He's 25 years old and can make his own decisions.

Dwight backs down, telling Tyson to go and get them a new car from the racist dealer in the first episode. Dwight doesn't want Tyson to pay for it, either. In his bedroom, Tyson practices threats in the mirror. His worried father overhears this, which only increases his concern.

Jay Will in Tulsa King

Jay Will in Tulsa King (Image credit: Brian Douglas/Paramount+)

Bodhi (Martin Starr) isn't nearly as enamored with Dwight. But the pair are beginning to rub off on one another. After attending a party at The Higher Plane, Dwight notices that Bodhi's allowing revellers to take hits of nitrous oxide for $5 each. Bodhi then informs Dwight that an upcoming music festival charges $10, which instantly gets his mind moving.

Dwight heads over to Mitch's (Garrett Hedlund) bar. Since it's a restaurant, too, Mitch can order nitrous oxide in bulk without anyone noticing. Dwight breaks down his plan to Mitch, explaining they'll be able to make over $100,000 by selling nitrous oxide at the festival. Without hesitation, Mitch agrees to take part.

But that's for another episode. After finding Armand's burned-out car, Dwight discovers DMSO, a flammable solvent used to treat horses, and a piece of cloth inscribed with the letters FR inside. A cursory use of Google leads Dwight to the Fennario Ranch.

Pretending to be a private investigator, Dwight quizzes its owner Margaret (Dana Delany). She's able to see through his lies, though, and orders Dwight off her property after he asked whether one of her 140 employees could have been responsible for trying to kill him.

Dwight doesn't go too far, though. He parks outside of Fennario Ranch, spots Armand leaving and then follows him home. As he watches Armand walk toward his house, Dwight picks up the gun in the passenger seat so he can dish out some ruthless revenge. Only for a child to run outside of the house and jump into Armand's arms, which immediately causes Dwight to reconsider.

Dwight has clearly changed after 25 years in prison and seems more reticent to kill. The problem is, he's a gangster, such hesitation could put him and the people close to him in trouble. Dwight's newfound kindness will really be put to the test, though, when he finally confronts Armand and Tulsa King reveals the history behind their relationship.  

Tulsa King releases new episodes on Paramount Plus Sundays in the US and Mondays in the UK.

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