Who plays M3GAN in the M3GAN movie?

Amie Donald in M3GAN
Who is the actress playing M3GAN in the new horror-comedy? (Image credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures)

It didn't take long for 2023 to have its first breakout movie character, as the AI doll M3GAN from the horror-comedy of the same name was setting the internet on fire with memes aplenty from the trailers that came out in the back half of 2022. The M3GAN craze is only growing as the movie currently has a 95% on Rotten Tomatoes, with one review (opens in new tab) saying "M3GAN and M3gan herself are more than just memes; this is a killer crowd-pleaser that is perfectly sinister and silly."

M3GAN centers on toy inventor Gemma, who finds herself becoming the guardian of her young niece Cady after her parents die in a car crash. Not knowing how to help Cady, Gemma introduces her to the latest project she's been working on, a Model 3 Generative Android, or M3GAN. Programmed with advanced learning capabilities, M3GAN and Cady are fast friends, but M3GAN eventually takes things too far in her primary objective of protecting Cady at all costs.

M3GAN stars Allison Williams (Get Out, Girls) as Gemma and Violet McGraw (Black Widow, The Haunting of Hill House) as Cady, with Jes Van Epps (The Wilds), Brian Jordan Alvarez (Will & Grace reboot), Lori Dungey (Cowboy Bepop) and Ronny Chieng (Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings) also in the cast. The movie was directed by Gerard Johnstone, with a script by Akela Cooper and story by James Wan. 

But who plays M3GAN? As it turns out, bringing M3GAN to life was a team effort.

Who plays M3GAN in M3GAN movie?

Amie Donald and Violet McGraw in M3GAN

Amie Donald and Violet McGraw in M3GAN (Image credit: Geoffrey Short/Universal Pictures)

There are two answers to who plays M3GAN: the young actress who portrayed M3GAN on screen was Amie Donald, while Jenna Davis provided the voice of M3GAN.

Amie Donald is still a newcomer to Hollywood, with her only other credit besides M3GAN being as Maya Monkey on the Netflix series Sweet Tooth. Donald is also a dancer, which makes sense given that it was M3GAN's dance in the movie's trailer that helped create the viral sensation around the character. On her Instagram account (opens in new tab), Donald also lists herself as a stunt performer.

Jenna Davis, meanwhile, is an actress and singer. Some of her previous acting credits include the teen show Chicken Girls, providing a voice for the animated show Treehouse Detective, as well as appearing on Raven's Home, A Girl Named Jo and Maggie, among others. Davis has also released a number of songs and music videos, including "Look Who’s Back," "1963" and "Maybe Maybe."

Finally, credit also needs to be given to the makeup and visual effects team for helping to fully realize M3GAN's look on the big screen.

M3GAN is currently playing in movie theaters in the US. The movie premieres in the UK on January 13.

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