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Does FuboTV offer HBO?

HBO on Roku
(Image credit: CordCutters)

Best answer: Currently, FuboTV packages do not include HBO. However, streaming service subscribers can pick up HBO Now as a standalone channel directly from the network for $15 per month.

Sports and Game of Thrones await

FuboTV has some of the best sports packages available to cord cutters. Football, fútbol, basketball, golf, hockey -- you name it! The company even streams some of its programming in crispy 4K. But if you're looking to see how Game of Thrones ends or if The Wire is all it's cracked up to be (trust us, it is!), you'll need HBO.

The absolute best way to do this without compromising access to your favorite pastime is to subscribe to HBO Now.

But what about HBO Go?

So you might notice there are seemingly two HBO streaming packages: HBO Go and HBO Now. HBO Go is a streaming option for existing HBO customers. Sound confusing? In order to access HBO Go, you'll need an active HBO subscription with a compatible cable or TV streaming service. Think of Go as an on-demand setup with access to live programming, along with the network's massive library of movies and homegrown content .

In the case of HBO Now, you're getting a live standalone streaming channel without the need of any additional subscriptions. Since FuboTV doesn't offer HBO, you'll need to go directly to the source to get your fix.

Pick it up and put it down

Since HBO Now will be running separately from your FuboTV subscription, you can add or subtract the service at any time without disrupting anything. Such a setup gives you the opportunity to use the service as needed because HBO Now is free of any contractual obligations. Done catching up on True Detective and can't find anything else to watch? Go ahead and save some cash by suspending your subscription for a little while. That's the beauty of cutting the cord.