Is 'Home Alone' on Netflix? How to watch 'Home Alone' anywhere in the world

Is Home Alone on Netflix? Kevin seen in a spot of bother!
Is 'Home Alone' on Netflix? Where can I watch the classic?! (Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Is Home Alone on Netflix? Where can you stream the Christmas classic? Well, read below to find out!

We can all agree that Home Alone is a classic Christmas hit for viewers, with it being one of the most popular Christmas films that truly gets people into the festive spirit. 

Released in 1990, it has since only grown in popularity as the film centres on the mischievous eight-year-old mastermind Kevin (played by Macaulay Culkin), who must protect his home from burglars after he is accidentally left behind when his family leaves for their Christmas holiday to France. Epic parenting fail!

The comedy sees Kevin come up with outrageous and imaginative ways of defending his territory — with one involving a tarantula.

So, you may be wondering is Home Alone available on Netflix? And if not where can I watch it?! Fear not, we have the answers!

Is 'Home Alone' on Netflix?

Sadly, Home Alone isn’t available on Netflix in the UK or the US. 

Where to stream ‘Home Alone’ in the US

US viewers can stream Home Alone as a Disney Plus subscriber, so there’s no extra cost to watch it. If you don’t have a Disney Plus subscription, a monthly subscription costs $7.99 or an annual subscription costs $79.99 per year. There are other options below on where you can watch the film right now…

Where to stream 'Home Alone' in the UK

In the UK, Home Alone is also available to watch as a Disney Plus subscriber. A monthly subscription costs £7.99 and an annual subscription is £79.90 per year. 

Can I buy 'Home Alone'?

Although there doesn’t seem to be many options to stream the film, there are many other ways to watch it if you would like to buy it. It’s available to purchase in both the UK and US on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play Store, YouTube and the Microsoft Store.

There is another option to buy the Home Alone DVD if you wish to own the physical copy. 

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