90 Day Fiancé fans are not fanning over Mohamed

Yve and Mohamed on 90 Day Fiancé
Yve and Mohamed on 90 Day Fiancé (Image credit: TLC)

After watching the latest episode of 90 Day Fiancé season 9, many viewers find themselves disagreeing over a number of topics. For starters, there’s an active conversation about breastfeeding etiquette given the heated discussion that took place between Kobe and Emily (we won’t even go there). The 90 Day audience also seems to still be trying to figure out Bilal and Shaeeda; some people think Bilal has managed to make a sport of throwing his fiancé under the bus any chance he gets, while others are put off by her general reactions to her soon-to-be husband.

Now while convos about those topics seem to be more divisive, there appears to be more of a consensus behind the argument that it’s problematic for Mohamed to insist Yve cares for him as his mother would. 

Before Mohamed even arrived in the states, Yve was both a full-time massage therapist and mom. She was a gift to her clients and an excellent caregiver for her son, Tharan, who happens to have Down syndrome as well as stage 2 kidney disease and autism. All things considered, Yve was a pretty busy woman. Then Mohamed touched ground in New Mexico.  

For weeks Mohamed has been hinting he wants someone to take care of him. He desires a fiancé that will cook his meals and generally be there to cater to his every whim. Apparently that’s what his mom did for him and that’s what he wants his wife to do.  Perhaps due to naivety on his part, Mohamed thought Yve had the capacity to be this person. If the latest episode was any inclination, he’s beginning to see that he may have been wrong. 

On night one in Yve’s home, Mohamed is bothered by the fact that Yve has failed to set up a bidet for him. He claims she knew he needed the bidet so he was able to properly clean in between his times of prayer.

Then on his first morning waking up in Yve’s home, he’s not happy she doesn’t have breakfast prepared. Instead, Yve is in the midst of rushing off to work and shows Mohamed a carton of eggs, a bag of spinach, some spray oil and a skillet, and suggest he cook if he’s hungry. In his confessional, Mohamed says he misses his mom, as leaving him to cook on his own is not something she would do. 

By the end of the episode, Mohamed is once again taken aback when Yve reminds him that he’ll be looking after her son at times while she’s at work. While he likes Tharan and is willing to pitch in to help, Mohamed is not wanting to be a full-time babysitter. Furthermore, he’s "not prepared to do these female duties" (his words not ours). 

Considering the man is on a visa that prohibits him from legally working in the US and his fiancé is doing her best to provide for him and her son, you’d think Mohamed would be a little more inclined to roll up his sleeves. We’re not quite sure how this cultural clash will play out in the coming weeks, but something tells us that Mohamed better get used to gripping a spatula. 

90 Day Fiancé fans react to Mohamed 

You better believe fans had strong opinions on Mohamed and his need to have a wife that cares for him as his mother did in Egypt. Viewers were further worked up over the term "female duties."

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