90 Day Fiancé Tell All: Jibri goes on a terror

Jibri speaking in an interview on 90 Day Fiancé
Jibri on 90 Day Fiancé (Image credit: TLC)

After one of the most entertaining seasons in recent memory, viewers should not have expected anything less from the 90 Day Fiancé season 9 Tell All. Although we’ve only tapped into part one of the reunion special, it has already been announced that both Thaís and Kara are 16 weeks pregnant, Kobe and Emily have welcomed their second child Scarlett and Bini is now the owner of an American Green Card. However, all that news was effectively eclipsed by the one and only Jibri

Those that have been keeping up with this season know that Jibri has no problem playing the role of "Alien Superstar" (kudos to Beyoncé) and proudly marches to the beat of his own drum. He famously adorned a flamingo pink suit and a cowboy hat to the airport and at the Tell All he’s wearing quite the sparkly pair of pants with a matching jacket. Although his fashions are definitely a standout among his castmates, it’s his often rude way of offering unsolicited opinions that is capturing viewers’ attention during the reunion. 

From the start of the special episode, Jibri keeps butting into the other couples’ segments. As Ari is trying to defend her position that she’s not jealous and Bini cosigns, calling her protective, Jibri jumps into the conversation labeling Ari a "hater." He notes that she is "pessimistic" about Bini’s MMA fighting career and says the more jealous she gets as a person, the more likely she and Bini won’t work out. 

Moments later, Jibri continues to rip into Ari saying that she is "dimming" Bini’s light, alleges she is holding her husband back and even comments that Bini "deserves better." Again, host Shaun Robinson did not ask Jibri specifically for his opinion on Bini and Ari’s relationship, instead the South Dakotan offers it up freely. 

Jibri didn’t stop there, as he then chimes in on Bilal and Shaeeda’s situation. As Shaun is facilitating a conversation between Bilal, Shaeeda and Bilal’s first wife, Jibri interrupts by stating he can clearly see "there’s a lot of hurt" that exists between the three of them. To Jibri’s credit, he certainly wasn’t abrasive in his commentary here, but he spoke up as if he was utilizing his mom’s counseling services expertise. 

Jibri with cowboy hat on in 90 Day

Jibri in 90 Day Fiance (Image credit: TLC)

What takes the cake, so to speak, in terms of Jibri’s behavior happens in a segment involving Patrick, Thaís and Patrick’s brother John. It’s during this time it’s revealed that John spilled the beans to a friend that Thaís is pregnant and the friend commented on social media congratulating her. The problem was Thaís hadn’t yet told her own family the news, so John effectively is to blame for her botched pregnancy announcement to those closest to her.

As this discussion continues, Jibri pipes up and asks if John is "drunk right now" and infers that John was drinking earlier in the day. John denies the insinuation but cops to drinking the night before and claims to be "blinded by the sparkles" from Jirbi’s attire. It’s a comment that clearly rubs Jibri the wrong way. 

A little later as Shaun is questioning John on his thoughts on whether or not Patrick is "whipped" by Thaís, Jibri intrudes and says to Patrick, "You’re happy, you’re going to have a happy family." Jibri then turns to John and states, "You won’t." John returns the jab by repeatedly calling Jibri "sparkles." Things continue to get contentious and are previewed to further escalate in the Tell All part 2. 

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