90 Day Fiancé's Bilal and Shaeeda settle their prenup debate

90 Day Fiancé's Shaeeda and Bilal riding in his car
90 Day Fiancé's Shaeeda and Bilal (Image credit: TLC)

Since the start of this season of 90 Day Fiancé, Bilal and Shaeeda have certainly found ways to distinguish themselves from the other couples. Who can forget that in the first few episodes, Bilal took it upon himself to pull an elaborate "prank" on his fiancé and pretend he wasn’t as well-off financially as he actually is? Although he dressed this move as some elaborate joke, 90 Day fans and Shaeeda saw it for what it was — a deceptive tactic to see if Shaeeda was with Bilal for his money. 

Then when we as viewers thought the two were headed toward smooth sailing, Bilal hits Shaeeda with the news that he has had a prenup drawn up. While the idea of a prenup wasn’t news to Shaeeda, she wasn’t expecting to be presented with the physical documentation of it on a Ferris wheel date. 

Although in hindsight, no matter when he presented the document, it seems the two were always headed for a roadblock in their relationship as he was adamant she agree to a prenup before marriage and she failed to see the necessity of it. 

For weeks, the audience has watched the two stuck in an impasse over the premarital contract, with both sides seemingly losing sight of the bigger picture of wanting to get married. For Bilal’s part, he got his ex-wife and mother of his children involved as she spoke to Shaeeda about why the latter needed to sign a prenup. As you can imagine, Shaeeda was less than thrilled to have his ex-wife attempt to school her on what she needs to do in her current relationship with Bilal. 

Shaeeda on the other hand, on the advice of her friends, sought out legal counsel of her own and had an attorney amend the prenup to make stipulations that benefited her. This seemed to baffle Bilal, especially since Shaeeda added a clause that Bilal would agree to take care of their children together when the time came. While this seems like a normal request on the surface, viewers have to remember that Bilal never gave a firm "yes" about wanting to have more kids. 

After all of that rain in their relationship, the storm clouds appeared to roll away after Shaeeda had a discussion with Bilal’s mother. The matriarch got Shaeeda to see the bigger picture at play and assured her that Bilal was in love with her. Additionally, his mother convinced Shaeeda that there was a certain way to get what she wants in a relationship in terms of compromises if she just work on her approach. 

Taking her advice, the 90 Day star had one last prenup conversation with her fiancé and agreed to sign the prenup, much to his surprise. He was appreciative of her concession and he agreed to help her start up a business that would just belong to her in the US. While he stated it wasn’t necessary that it be put in the prenup, he was more than willing to include it as a compromise. 

Now on the topic of kids, Shaeeda requested that a stipulation be included in the prenup that stated the two would have a child before she turns 40 provided she’s biologically able to do so. Although he was a bit more hesitant when it came to providing his answer on the matter, he eventually agreed to this provision. However, he was clear that he rather they didn’t have a child right away. 

Given the ease of their last prenup conversation, it makes you wonder why they didn’t ask Bilal’s mother to step in sooner, especially when you think about the fact that in the end, they both got what they wanted in the document. 

90 Day Fiancé fans react to Bilal and Shaeeda negotiating a prenup 

While we’re glad all of Bilal and Shaeeda’s prenup talk is over, it doesn’t appear fans are necessarily thrilled about how the matter came to be resolved. Some aren't happy that Shaeeda even agreed to sign one. 

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