Bridgerton season 2 sets Netflix viewing record

Lockwood & Co star Ruby STokes as part of the Bridgerton family.
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Bridgerton season 1’s reign as the most-viewed English-language Netflix series has officially come to an end, as Bridgerton season 2 has surpassed it, per Netflix’s weekly Top 10 data. In its first four weeks, which is the time frame used by Netflix for this record, Bridgerton season 2 amassed 627.12 million hours viewed, besting Bridgerton season 1’s 625.49 million.

One of the most anticipated 2022 TV shows, Bridgerton season 2 came out of the gate strong, setting a first-week Netflix viewership record of 193.02 million hours viewed, which it got in just three days following its March 25 release. It surpassed that with its second week (and first full week) with 251.74 million hours viewed. In the show’s most recent fourth week (April 11-17), it held on to the top spot and posted 66.61 million hours viewed.

According to Netflix, this is the first time that a single series has held both the first and second place spot on one of the streaming service’s most popular lists.

While Bridgerton season 2’s record-setting first month is incredible, it should be noted that its new spot atop that most popular list is just for English-language TV shows. Squid Game, which became a global sensation in 2021, remains Netflix’s most popular show of all time in any language, with it being viewed for 1.65 billion hours in its first four weeks.

There’s some other fun things in Netflix’s Top 10 lists from the week of April 11-17 beyond Bridgerton season 2. The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On continued its strong early run, finishing in second place on the English-language TV list for the second straight week. Two newly released shows — Anatomy of a Scandal and Our Great National Parks — each debuted in the top five. Also, Inventing Anna earned a spot in the top 10 for the 10th week in a row, the most amount of time on the top 10 list for any new 2022 TV show, for now at least.

Netflix Top 10 TV shows list April 11-17

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On the movie side (English-language), The In Between proved it was no one-hit wonder, topping all other movies for a second straight week with 35.9 million hours viewed, even doubling the second most-watched movie, Choose or Die. It also looks like a lot of Netflix viewers discovered the 2007 movie Cleaner starring Samuel L. Jackson, Eva Mendes, Luis Guzman and Ed Harris, as it was watched for 6.77 million hours, good enough for ninth on the list. 

Netflix Top 10 movies list April 11-17

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Here are the top 10 lists for Non-English-language TV shows and movies from April 11-17 on Netflix as well.

Netflix Top 10 TV shows foreign list April 11-17

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Netflix Top 10 foreign movies list April 11-17

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