Could EastEnders' Phil Mitchell be the latest Love Island bombshell? Fans think so!

Phil Mitchell with a cut lip in EastEnders
EastEnders' Phil Mitchell should be heading into the Love Island villa with his recent antics! (Image credit: BBC/Jack Barnes/Kieron McCarron)

Get him in the Love Island villa now! EastEnders viewers were in hysterics over Phil Mitchell’s (Steve McFadden) recent love antics during last night's episode (Monday, July 11) and said that he belongs on Love Island after he kept bouncing between his ex-lovers Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) and Kat Slater (Jessie Wallace).

Phil made his explosive return to EastEnders recently and it looks like his player ways are already causing a stir on the Square, particularly for both Sharon and Kat.

After a fiery showdown between Kat and Sharon, Phil was torn on whether he wanted to speak to Kat, who had broken off their relationship, or Sharon.

He decided to pay a visit to Sharon, who was still reeling from the recent trauma of Phil nearly dying in prison.

Phil asked Sharon if she meant what she had said back at the prison when she told him she loved him.

After pressing her for an answer, she lied and revealed that she only said it to stop him from harming himself.

Phil dropped a bombshell and admitted that he still loved her, declaring: “Maybe, all these years, it’s just been a mistake, Sharon. Maybe it was always you and me right from the start. Maybe we should have always been together.”

Phil Mitchell and Sharon Watts kiss

Phil had his sights set on Sharon... until his head turned for Kat. (Image credit: BBC)

The pair had a heart-to-heart as Phil shared his memories of their first meeting and confessed that he had been thinking a lot about Sharon in prison.

Sharon initially batted away her true feelings, but she soon admitted that she did still love him and the former couple shared a kiss.

However, their emotional conversation was interrupted by Grant Mitchell (Ross Kemp) calling Sharon.

A jealous Phil was furious with Sharon for telling his brother about his situation and accused her of still having feelings for Grant.

After telling her that he can never trust her, they argued as Phil said that Kat loves him for who he is, claiming that Sharon forced him to take Keeble’s deal.

Sharon sobbed as she tried to convince him to rekindle their relationship, but he stormed off and went over to Kat’s to try his luck with her.

He showed up to her house, begging Kat for forgiveness and professed his love for her: “I love you, and I want to be with you.”

Phil Mitchell and Kat Slater kiss

He was up to the usual bombshell antics as he was soon kissing Kat! (Image credit: BBC)

Phil promised that he would change his violent ways, but Kat refused to accept his words and said that their relationship was over.

“Kat, I love you, alright? You’re the one I was thinking about every night when I was in prison,” he declared.

When Kat questioned him about Sharon’s secret prison visits, he said: “I don’t care about Sharon, alright? I care about you.”

Phil reassured her that he had no feelings for Sharon and after some convincing, Kat forgave him and they kissed, finally rekindling their relationship.

Amused fans claimed that Phil was acting like he was on Love Island as he used Kat as a rebound for Sharon. Get Phil to the villa now!

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EastEnders continues tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One.

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