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DANGER for this EastEnders favourite when a holiday turns into a LIVING NIGHTMARE

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Next week's EastEnders sees Leo King reveal his true colours... with deadly consequences for Whitney Dean.

EastEnders fans have seen poor Whitney Dean lured in by evil Leo King... who is targeting her in a sinister revenge plan for his dad, Tony King. And next week things are set to come to a head when Leo's true identity is finally revealed...

Viewers will know that Tony was the man who groomed and raped underage Whitney years ago while he was dating Bianca Jackson.

Whitney has a drink with Leo in EastEnders

Whitney has been drawn to Leo, but she has not idea he is Tony King's son (Picture: BBC)

However, while Whitney has worked hard to move on from the terrible things Tony subjected her to, little does she know her new boyfriend has a very sinister connection to her past.

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Ever since they met, Leo has been manipulating Whitney into trusting him, while also pushing those she is closest to away from her.

And next week his game ramps up a gear when he books them a romantic night away at a hotel for Whitney's birthday.

But while Whitney thinks she has landed herself the perfect man, little does she know he has got revenge on his mind and she is about to find herself in deadly danger.

Whitney has a drink with Leo EastEnders

Leo has been manipulating Whitney for weeks (Picture: BBC)

However, before Leo can get Whitney all to himself away from Walford, he is in for a shock of his own when his mum turns up on the Square.

Michaela is shocked to find her son in Walford and demands to know what he is doing there, but Leo covers his tracks.

Michaela knows Leo is lying and delivers her son some shocking home truths about his dad... and when she tries to persuade Leo to leave Walford with her, she is surprised when he agrees.

Leo opens up to Whitney in EastEnders tonight

Whitney is excited when Leo reveals he's booked a hotel break for her birthday next week (Picture: BBC)

However Leo's plans are revealed when Michaela sees his phone ringing and Whitney's name comes up on the screen. With her worst suspicions confirmed, will she be the one to tell Whitney who she is really dating?

As an oblivious Whitney makes plans for the night away, Callum isn't happy about her spending so much time with Leo and he confides in Jay and Tiffany. But both think that he is just jealous and tell him to back off.

But of course Callum is right to be concerned and when Tiffany later calls her mum she is shocked to find out that Leo is Tony's son.


Just what sort of revenge does Leo have planned for Whitney? (Picture: BBC)

With Leo and Whitney already at the hotel, it is a race against time for Tiffany and Callum to get to Whitney before it is too late... but will they make it in time? And just what has Leo got planned for Whitney?

On-location pictures recently revealed Whitney could be in serious danger as Leo turns nasty... is she about to find her life on the line?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.