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Does Criterion Channel have video extras?

Best answer: Yes, Criterion Channel offers an archive of unique features for certain films.

Criterion: Criterion Channel ($11/mo at Criterion Channel)

Extra! Extra! Read all about it.

Criterion Channel offers an exclusive archive for different features that certain films have given out. This way, you can learn a little extra about some of your favorite films without having to purchase them directly. Some of these extras include behind the scenes, interviews with the director, and additional one-on-one time with the cast.

If you're looking for extras, you'll be able to find it for some of the films on this streaming service. For films like High Noon, or actress Leah Shore talking about Old Man, you can find out the methods of parts of the movies and the inner-workings behind them. You'll be able to browse all those extras to find which are the most captivating to you.

What is this Criterion Channel?

This streaming service brings you tons of different kinds of indie films right to the comfort of your own home for a pretty good price. If you invest into Criterion Channel, you will only have to pay $11 a month and $100 a year . After you pay your way, you'll be able to enjoy all that Criterion has to offer, including your video extras.

You can find a lot of these extras underneath the ten minutes or less catergory when you go to the Browse area of Criterion Channel. You can find interviews, director commentary, and certain teaser trailers for all of the old-time classics you love. There aren't a ton of extras at this time, but keep checking to see when they update those so that you can see more about your favorites.