How much does The Criterion Channel cost?

The Criterion Channel
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The Criterion Channel is billed as a streaming service for the true cinephile, offering online a slate of movies throughout different eras of film and from all over the world. But how much does The Criterion Channel cost to start streaming everything that is has to offer?

The Criterion Channel cost

The simplest answer is that The Criterion Channel is available for a monthly fee of $10.99. Potential subscribers also have the option to sign up to the streaming service for a full year for at a discount, where you'll get the streaming service for 12 months at $99.99.

There is only one version of The Criterion Channel, which is ad-free. No cheaper, ad-supported option is available.

After signing up, you are billed every month on the same day that you signed up. For example, if you signed up on January 1, your next monthly fee would be taken on February 1 and so on.

Does The Criterion Channel have a free trial?

Yes, you can try before you buy, as The Criterion Channel has a 14-day free trial. Read our full article on The Criterion Channel free trial for more information.

How to sign up for The Criterion Channel

You can sign up for The Criterion Channel via the streaming service's website or by downloading the app on any of the platforms that support it, including Apple TV and other iOS-enabled devices, Roku, Android TV and apps, the Google Play store, Amazon Fire TV, Xbox One gaming consoles and select Smart TVs.

If at any time you want to cancel your Criterion Channel subscription, you will need to do so via the platform you subscribed through.

How does The Criterion Channel cost compare to other streaming services?

At $10.99 per month, The Criterion Channel's price is right about in the middle of the pack when comparing it with many of the major streaming services.

The Criterion Channel's monthly fee is cheaper than Netflix's standard plan and the ad-free versions of HBO Max and Hulu, as well as a monthly subscription of Amazon Prime that gives you access to Prime Video.

Meanwhile, the streaming service is a dollar more expensive than the monthly charge for the ad-free, premium versions of Peacock and Paramount Plus and the ad-supported version of HBO Max. Other streaming services like Disney Plus and Apple TV Plus are cheaper still.

Where The Criterion Channel attempts to justify its price compared to these other streaming services is by not only its selection of harder to find classic and foreign movies, but also its specially curated themes and programs that change up every month.

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