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$100 billion from Hulu is all it took to get Animaniacs back on TV

I'm not saying you shouldn't necessarily take the Animaniacs at their word when they say Hulu ponied up $100 billion to get them back on TV. But I also don't have any proof to the contrary. 

Regardless, the beloved cartoon returns Nov. 20 on Hulu after a couple decades away. And we now have our first look at what's in store.

It is, of course, zany.

The trailer is where we get the $100 billion number. Don't read anything into it other than the siblings still have no problem breaking the fourth wall and giving us a good yank. Pinky and the Brain are back, too. (One's still a genius, and the other is still insane. And they're still doing the same thing they do every night.)

So obviously Animaniacs remains a show for adults as much as (or perhaps more) than it is for kids. So if you catch an old person enjoying it and perhaps sliding into madness, you'll understand why.

And this is the perfect time for a reminder that in you should definitely check out the Hulu/ESPN+/Disney+ bundle. For just $12.99 a month you'll get all three services — and that includes Animaniacs — essentially getting you the trifecta for the price of two services. Narf.