EastEnders DANGER for the Slaters as they're targeted by a sinister newcomer?

The Albert Square sign on the set of EastEnders
Is there danger in store for the Slaters? (Image credit: BBC)

There's horror for the Slaters in EastEnders as a vulnerable member of the family is targeted by a menacing newcomer.

Sinister newcomer Theo Hawthorne has already shown a keen interest in Freddie Slater's (Bobby Brazier) potential ADHD diagnosis and now he seems to have set his sights on another Slater family member in upcoming episodes.

12-year-old Lily Slater (Lillia Turner) is delighted when her teacher Theo gifts her some expensive new trainers. Although her mum Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) orders Lily not to accept the gift, Theo goes against Stacey's words and gives them to Lily anyway.

On Thursday, June 15, as Lily flaunts her new trainers to her friends, Amy Mitchell (Ellie Dadd) is instantly suspicious about why Theo is giving Lily gifts and tells the pregnant teen to be careful.

An alarmed Lily confronts Theo to ask him if he wants something in return from her. However, he quickly reassures her that he doesn't want anything and that his motives are innocent.

Lily Slater is grateful for Theo Hawthorne's gift

Pregnant Lily Slater receives an expensive gift from her teacher Theo Hawthorne. (Image credit: BBC)

Wanting to help her classmate, a concerned Amy tells Stacey that an older man has been giving Lily presents. The fuming Slater mum confronts Lily, who swears that there's an innocent explanation.

Stacey isn't convinced by Lily's words and accosts Theo, demanding to know what he's up to. Are his motives truly innocent or could he have a sinister agenda in store?

Freddie Slater confronts his teacher Mr Hawthorne

Freddie Slater confronted his old teacher Mr Hawthorne earlier this year. (Image credit: BBC)

Teacher Theo has been lurking around the Square ever since Freddie confronted him about how he picked on him at school, often calling him thick, lazy and stupid.

Theo apologised for his behaviour and suggested that he may have ADHD, but Freddie disagreed. Theo encouraged a reluctant Freddie to get tested for ADHD and make an appointment with a specialist.

But does Theo have a secret agenda when it comes to Lily? Only time will tell...

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