‘EastEnders’ fans can't get enough of last night's new Jean and Eve twist

EastEnders Jean and Harvey go on a date
'EastEnders' fans were enjoying Jean and Eve finally getting along as she helped Jean prepare for her date. (Image credit: BBC / Kieron)

EastEnders fans were pleased to see Eve Unwin (Heather Peace) and Jean Slater (Gillian Wright) getting along during last night’s episode (Monday Nov. 29) as Eve helped Jean prepare for her date with Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman).

Viewers will know that Jean was stunned to discover that Eve was Stacey Slater’s (Lacey Turner) wife after her release from prison and hated the fact that Eve had moved into their family home. So much so that she kicked Eve out, which she regretted, and ever since, Eve has been trying hard to mend her relationship with Jean. 

Last night’s episode finally saw the pair start to get along as Eve helped Jean pick out a dress for her date with Harvey. Jean was adamant that it wasn’t a date and got frustrated with the outfit situation and refused to go, but the duo shared a touching moment as Jean opened up about her past lover, Daniel Cook (Adrian Edmondson). 

Last year, Daniel faked his death from cancer after he felt that he was getting too emotionally involved with Jean and she discovered the shocking truth on New Year’s Day.

It was clear that Jean still felt very fondly of Daniel, and Eve encouraged her that Daniel would want her to enjoy her life and move on. But their relationship soon ended up on the rocks again when Eve went to see how the date was going.

Eve holding a dress

Eve helps Jean prepare for her date with Harvey. (Image credit: BBC)

When Jean turned up to the date, Harvey was drunk, after his son, Aaron (Charlie Wernham) had spiked his drinks. As Harvey was getting too lairy, Jean went to order them both a coffee, until Harvey threw a wad of cash in the air and had to crawl along the floor to pick it up. 

Eve turned up to check how the date was going and was furious when Harvey made an inappropriate joke to Jean and she ended up throwing a drink at him.

Eve throws a drink on Harvey

Eve threw a drink over Harvey after his disastrous date with Jean. (Image credit: BBC)

Jean wasn’t happy with Eve’s actions and when Eve and Stacey both tried to talk it out with Jean, she stormed off, which made Eve feel extremely guilty. Now, Eve is more determined than ever to fix their relationship again, after growing tired of letting her down all the time. Will Jean give her another chance?

EastEnders fans voiced their thoughts on how much they enjoyed seeing Eve and Jean finally getting along after their turbulent relationship so far…

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