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EastEnders fans in stitches over this HILARIOUS blink and you'll miss it moment

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EastEnders fans think Stuart Highway was comedy gold tonight...

Tonight's EastEnders seemed to be a long time coming, with fans waiting almost a week since it was last on our screens thanks to the latest scheduling changes following the coronavirus pandemic.

But of course, it was worth the wait, because the episode was packed with drama, including Whitney finally being released on bail, Ian trying to pay Karen to leave Walford with baby Kayden, and Ben getting arrested for stealing a car.

Ben and Stuart EastEnders BBC

Ben wasn't happy about Stuart creeping up on him in tonight's EastEnders (Picture: BBC)

However, none of those storylines were what fans have been talking about all evening... they're more interested in Stuart Highway's hilarious - and totally made up - sign language that he used while trying to talk to Ben Mitchell.

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The scene that got everyone talking came at the start of the episode, and saw Stuart trying to talk to Ben about Callum's upcoming birthday celebrations.

Ben and Stuart EastEnders BBC

Fans were loving Stuart's sign language tonight... but Ben wasn't impressed (Picture: BBC)

But as he talked to Ben about parties and football cakes, he started using his own, somewhat imaginative, sign language, that only left Ben more confused than ever.

Ben and Stuart EastEnders BBC

Ben looked baffled as Stuart talked... (Picture: BBC)

Ben might not have seen the funny side, but EastEnders fans around the country took to Twitter to share their joy at Stuart lifting people's spirits...

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After his run in with Stuart, Ben found his hearing loss a burden once again when he held a meeting with local gangster Danny Hardcastle, who got angry with him when he failed to respond to his questions during a business meeting.

Thankfully Ben got help from Callum when he arrived and pretended to be his business associate, but things turned nasty when one of Danny's men recognised Callum as a trainee police officer and things turned nasty.

Ben and Stuart EastEnders BBC

Stuart's sign language was certainly animated... (Picture: BBC)

In a bid to save Callum from Danny's men, Ben blurted out that he was deaf, which didn't go down well with Danny, and the business meeting was quickly called off.

But despite the fact Callum was trying to help, Ben didn't take kindly to his interference and the pair fell out... leading to Ben getting drunk in the Prince Albert and chatting to a random stranger.

However, the drama didn't stop there... he then stole the stranger's flash car and went for a spin... only to find himself getting arrested.

Ben Mitchell gets to know Hugo in the Prince Albert in EastEnders.

Ben met a random stranger after having a fight with Callum (Picture: BBC)

While Ben hits self destruct, him getting arrested won't sit well with Callum.

Can the pair move forward from this?

EastEnders will temporarily air a reduced schedule of two episodes a week. Watch on Mondays at 8pm and Tuesdays at 7:30pm on BBC One.