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EastEnders fans left SICKENED after this shocking Katy Lewis twist last night

Mick Carter meets Katy Lewis in EastEnders
(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

EastEnders has aired another twist in Mick Carter's abuse storyline...

EastEnders fans have been left disgusted after last night's episode saw Katy Lewis manipulate Mick Carter about their shared past.

Viewers have watched Mick (Danny Dyer) go on a downward spiral since Frankie Lewis announced that he is her father.

Mick and Katy EastEnders

Poor Mick was made to face his dark past last night (Picture: BBC)

Since then, Mick has understandably struggled to get his head around Frankie's bombshell, shutting out his family in the process.

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No one has any idea what Mick is dealing with, and Katy's arrival in Walford has only made things worse.

Last night's episode saw Mick confront Katy about Frankie being his daughter, but she was quick to deny that he was Frankie's dad, despite the facts all adding up.

Mick and Katy EastEnders

Fans have been sickened by Katy's manipulative ways (Picture: BBC)

The pair went to the pub to talk, where Katy manipulated Mick by telling him that he's got his memories mixed up and they'd never slept together.

Despite Mick remembering their time together in great detail, Katy carried on denying there was any truth in what he remembered, and fans are fuming.

Mick and Katy EastEnders

Katy tried to make Mick believe he had imagined their past together (Picture: BBC)

Viewers took to Twitter to share their disgust at Katy's actions...

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Clearly worried about going to prison for what happened in the past, Katy worked hard to make Mick believe that he had fantasised the whole thing.

But that wasn't the end of her betrayal.

Just when Mick wanted to leave, Katy dropped a second bombshell.

Mick and Katy EastEnders

Will Mick meet Frankie with Katy? (Picture: BBC)

With Frankie wanting to meet with her mum, but only if Mick went too, Katy asked Mick if he would come with her.

But will Mick agree to help?

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