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'EastEnders' favourite Rob Kazinsky hints at ANOTHER Walford return for Sean Slater

EastEnders spoilers, Sean Slater
EastEnders legend Sean returned to our screens on Monday night for a flying visit. (Image credit: BBC)

EastEnders fans were thrilled to see Walford legend Sean Slater back on their screens for one night only on Monday. But, although his visit was short and sweet, actor Rob Kazinsky, who plays the Albert Square favourite, has hinted that this might not be the last time we see his character return. 

Viewers were beside themselves when Sean made an unexpected return to Walford in Monday's episode, finding himself caught up in the drama between Stacey, Jean and Stacey's new wife, Eve Unwin.

EastEnders spoilers, Sean Slater, Eve Unwin

Sean returned to warn off Stacey's troublemaking wife, Eve.  (Image credit: BBC)

But while it was just a flying visit for Sean, actor Rob, who lives in the US where he enjoys a hugely successful acting career in LA, has admitted that he would love to make his return to filming at EastEnders a regular thing.

The actor told Metro: "Earlier this year I was able to visit my family in the UK for the first time in years thanks to the global pandemic and a thankfully difficult work schedule, and while I was packing my bags I sent Kate Oates an email.

Rob Kazinsky on the red carpet

Rob now lives over in LA where his acting career is going from strength to strength.  (Image credit: Credit: Presley Ann/Getty Images for BBCAmerica)

"It was simple really, I live in LA and when conditions allow I'll try and see my family every year – or more if I can – so I though why wouldn't Sean do that. Pop in for a cuppa?

"So I said to Kate: 'I'm in London for one day, let's write a scene and I'll swing by in the morning and we can do it, better than that, every time I'm in the UK, if I can, let's do it again' and she rallied the troops and made it happen."

EastEnders spoilers, Gillian Wright, Rob Kazinsky, Lacey Turner

Rob has said he loved coming back to the UK and filming with Gillian Wright (Jean, left) and Lacey Turner (Stacey, right).  (Image credit: BBC)

Rob also spoke of the gratitude he feels towards EastEnders for launching his career, and also of his friendship with co-stars Lacey Turner, who plays Stacey, and Gillian Wright, who plays Jean... 

"Lacey and Gillian are also my family and in gratitude for the memories and the love of my friends and the show that means so much to me, maybe Sean will pop in every now and then in future too, maybe just to burn things to the ground once every few years. You know, like real families do!"

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