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EastEnders' most UNEXPECTED love triangle hits Albert Square next week

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EastEnders Stacey Fowler finds herself put out when romance blossoms between Ruby Allen and Max Branning...

There's a love triangle forming in EastEnders that no one saw coming... least of all a fuming Martin Fowler.

Next week's EastEnders will see Ruby Allen viewing Max Branning in a different light when he helps her with her business accounts... and it's not long before their work chat turns into some serious flirting.

But while Stacey might be happily married to Martin, how is she going to feel about her best friend and former flame hooking up?

EastEnders Martin and Stacey's evening is ruined

Martin is annoyed when Stacey misses date night to spend time with Max (Picture: BBC)

The week starts with Stacey helping Max as he continues to struggle in the absence of granddaughter Abi.

EastEnders fans will know that Rainie has gone on the run with baby Abi, leaving Max distraught. But it all starts to get too much for him next week and he hits the bottle to numb the pain.

When Max cuts his hand on some glass from a photo frame, Stacey is there to help, but while she is spending more and more time with her ex, Martin isn't happy. Especially when she misses their date night in favour of staying at the Brannings to support Max.

Max is struggling

Max isn't coping well with Abi being with Ranine (Picture: BBC)

But it seems her dedication to Max is all a bit much when Stacey accidentally falls asleep at the Brannings, and wakes up the next morning in a panic. Martin is understandably miffed about his wife staying out all night... but is he right to be worried?

Stacey realises she has got some making up to do and tells Martin she will cook him a meal to say sorry for missing their date night dinner.

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But when Martin catches her making extra to take over to Max, he's fuming and starts to wonder if there is more to her friendly support than she's letting on.

However, Stacey is in for a shock, because when she gets to Max's with his dinner, she is stunned to catch him there with Ruby!

EastEnders Max helps Ruby with work

Max and Ruby grow closer next week (Picture: BBC)

Stacey doesn't react well to seeing Ruby and Max together - could it be that she is jealous after all?

But Ruby has no idea that Max and Stacey share such a chequered past and is baffled by her best friends reaction to seeing her with him.

It's only when Max reveals exactly what has gone on between him and Stacey in the past that Ruby realises and feels awkward.

Martin and Stacey argue

Where does Stacey's jealously leave her and Martin? (Picture: BBC)

But will Ruby and Max's romance continue despite how Stacey feels? Or has seeing them together awakened feelings for Stacey that she was hoping to keep hidden?

And where does all this leave poor Martin?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.