EastEnders tonight: One character's sinister SECRET is revealed!

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*This article contains spoilers for tonight's (Thursday, June 20) episode of EastEnders on BBC iPlayer and is yet to air on TV*

EastEnders airs a shocking blast from the past in tonight's episode, that will leave viewers wondering what the future holds for one well-loved character.

Because it turns out that Harvey Monroe's new pal Maya Houssain could have an ulterior motive for befriending him.

And it looks like it could be connected to Harvey's sinister son, Aaron.

Maya Houssain and Harvey Monroe talking over a drink the The Albert pub

Has Maya been honest with Harvey?  (Image credit: BBC)

In this evening's episode, Harvey goes for a drink with Maya and they chat about his kids.

First of all he tells her how proud he is of daughter Dana, who's off studying to be a nurse.

Then he tells her his son works in finance. Of course, viewers know that's a lie - Aaron did work in finance but now he's behind bars for planning to set off a bomb in Albert Square on New Year's Eve.

Just a few minutes later, kind-hearted Harvey admits he wasn't being truthful and tells Maya that his son is in prison. 

Maya in the cafe looking thoughtful

Maya runs off from Harvey (Image credit: BBC)

Maya is understanding and says she wouldn't judge Harvey for something he didn't do.

But she's quick to ask more questions about what Aaron did.

"Did he hurt someone?" she asks.

Harvey tries to describe the far-right group that Aaron was involved in saying they didn't like people who were different from them, and Maya gets it immediately.

"People like me," she says.

Maya scrolls through news stories about Aaron Monroe

Maya sits in the cafe reading stories about Aaron's crimes (Image credit: BBC)

As Harvey admits he didn't always do the right thing, Maya's expression changes, even though her new friend goes on to tell her he called the police on his son.

She runs off, pretending she's forgotten she had an appointment, leaving Harvey surprised and confused.

Later in the episode, as Harvey's messages to Maya go unanswered, she sits in the cafe on her phone, scrolling through news stories about Aaron.

Has she been taken by surprise by the revelation that Harvey's son was in a far-right racist gang?

Or did she know all along?

EastEnders airs tonight at 7:30pm on BBC One. Check our TV Guide for more information.

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