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'Emmerdale' favourite David Metcalfe in GRAVE danger after cheating on Meena

David Metcalfe sits on Victoria's sofa in Emmerdale.
Emmerdale favourite David Metcalfe unwittingly lands himself in danger next week. (Image credit: ITV)

Next week's Emmerdale sees David Metcalfe and Victoria Sugden sharing a forbidden kiss... but has David just signed his own death warrant? 

It's no secret that David's unhinged girlfriend, Meena Jutla, is set to murder one of her fellow villagers next week. The news won't come as a huge surprise to fans of the soap after watching Meena's behaviour getting increasingly more erratic over recent weeks.

Meena and Jacob draw battle lines

Meena is jealous of the time David is spending with Jacob.  (Image credit: ITV)

Everyone knows Meena isn't someone you mess with, but when she recently tried to kill Andrea Tate's dog, Princess, in a convoluted bid to get get her sister Manpreet and her ex Charles back together, we realised there is little Meena will do to make sure she gets her own way.

The next twist came when Meena confessed to Diane about the death of her late best friend. However, it seems that Meena wasn't being entirely truthful about what happened to her friend, and fans are convinced Meena played a part in the woman's demise.

Meena and Jacob draw battle lines

Meena is more dangerous than anyone in Emmerdale village realises.  (Image credit: ITV)

This week's Emmerdale will see Meena getting increasingly annoyed with Jacob, convinced that he is standing in the way of her happiness with David. 

But what she doesn't realise is that David's attention is about to wander...

David sits on sofa as Victoria stands

David and Victoria share a forbidden kiss next week - but will Meena find out?  (Image credit: ITV)

Next week's Emmerdale will see David and a newly single Victoria bonding over the fact they both have sons the same age. As they start to spend more time together, the pair end up sharing a forbidden kiss.

But could David be setting himself up for tragedy by cheating on Meena? 

We know she isn't one to be messed with and is set to kill next week... but is she capable of murdering David if she discovers his kiss with Victoria?

Emmerdale usually airs weeknights at 7pm on ITV, with an extra episode at 8pm on Thursdays, however this week there are schedule changes because of Euro 2020 - check our TV Guide for the latest listings. 

You can also watch all of this week's Emmerdale on ITV Hub.