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End of the line for THIS Home and Away couple after shock bombshell?

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There's drama heading for Home and Away's Leah Patterson Baker and Justin Morgan...

Today's Home and Away sees Justin Morgan's romance with Leah Patterson Baker heading for the rocks as the pair fall out over where their relationship is heading next. Can they find a way to get back on track?

Yesterday's trip to Summer Bay saw Leah return from a trip visiting her family and Justin couldn't have been happier to see his girlfriend.

The pair couldn't wait to spend the afternoon together and make up for lost time, but their fun soon turned serious when Leah admitted to Justin she had told her parents about him while she was away.

Home and Away, Justin Morgan, Leah Patterson

Justin and Leah have been making up for lost time (Picture: Channel 5)

Justin was surprised, knowing this meant they would now want to meet him, but that wasn't Leah's only bombshell.

The diner owner then announced she would like to meet Justin's daughter, Ava... a request he wasn't prepared for.

Today's Home and Away sees Leah backtracking on her request after Justin doesn't seem keen for her to meet his daughter, and she dashes out of the house, leaving him wondering what just happened.

Home and Away, Leah Patterson, Justin Morgan

Leah's request to meet Justin's daughter throws a curveball at their relationship (Picture: Channel 5)

Bust after a chat with sister Tori, Justin realises that if he wants his romance with Leah to move forward, then he is going to have to welcome her into all aspects of his life, and that means meeting his little girl.

With introductions between Ava and Justin's pervious girlfriends not going too well, it's not surprising that he is hesitant, but he decides to bite the bullet and meets Leah for lunch to chat about their future.

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Leah gets in there first and tells Justin that if he isn't ready for her to meet Ava then she is fine with it, but Justin jumps in and tells her that he wants to spend his future with her and that means introducing her to his daughter.

Home and Away, Leah Patterson, Justin Morgan

Has Leah and Justin's relationship run into BIG trouble? (Picture: Channel 5)

So Leah and Justin seem to have swerved a major fall out... and the next step is for Leah to meet the rest of Justin's family.

Will Leah and Ava's introduction go better than last time Justin introduced a girlfriend to his daughter?

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