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Fans fear for ANOTHER Coronation Street favourite's LIFE after vicious attack last night

Last night's Coronation Street saw Seb Franklin attacked by evil Nikolai, and fans believe they've worked out who will be targeted next...

Soap fans have been left shocked after Seb Franklin's attempts to rescue Alina Pop from the grip of the human trafficking ring ended in tragedy in last night's Coronation Street after he was attacked by gang leader Nikolai and left for dead.

Seb has been convinced that there is something sinister going on with on/off girlfriend Alina for weeks, and his suspicions were confirmed when he found her living in the back room of the nail bar last week.

The handyman was shocked to see she was sleeping on a mattress on the floor, and it soon became clear that she was being used as a modern day slave by salon owner Rachel and her other half Nikolai.

Alina tells Seb it’s over between them in Coronation Street

Seb's mission to save Alina almost cost him his life last night (Picture: ITV)

Since then Seb has been on a mission to save Alina from danger, but the gang haven't taken too kindly to his digging and last night they tried to put an end to his investigating by luring him to the salon and attacking him.

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Jan Lozinski then arrived to find Seb out cold on the salon floor... and when Nikolai revealed his plans to silence Seb for good by killing him, Jan told his fellow gang members he would sort Seb himself.

But instead of killing Seb like Nikolai asked, Jan took him to the local A&E and dumped his lifeless body in a wheelchair, before making a quick exit.

Seb Franklin, Coronation Street, Jan

The net is closing in on Jan (Picture: ITV)

However, while he might have saved Seb's life, unfortunately for Jan his secrets and lies started to unravel when doctor Ali Neeson saw him exiting the hospital after dropping unconscious Seb off.

While Seb looks set to make a full recovery thanks to Jan's quick thinking, fans are convinced that Eileen is next on the gang's hitlist after she vowed to get answers from her mysterious boyfriend...

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Fans are right about Eileen walking straight into danger, because by Wednesday's (7th August) episodes she decides to confront Jan at the salon and finds herself in grave danger.

Eileen's world is turned upside down when Jan tells her that he is a liar and a cheat and never loved her, and the scales start to fall from her eyes as she releases Jan is part of the trafficking gang.

Armed police point guns at Jan Lozinski in Coronation Street spoilers, Jan

Eileen finds herself in grave danger in tomorrow's episode (Picture: ITV)

She then tries to call the police, by Nikolai smashes her phone and a vicious fight breaks out between him and Jan.

Thankfully the police arrive just in time, but will Eileen make it out of the salon raid unharmed?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7.30pm and 8.30pm on ITV.