Football legend Harry Redknapp admits he thought Albert Square in 'EastEnders' was REAL!

EastEnders Harry Redknapp
Welcome to Walford! Harry Redknapp will pitch up in EastEnders as a pal of Rocky. (Image credit: BBC)

Just weeks after Danny Dyer’s daughter Dani made a guest appearance in EastEnders, another famous face is heading to the fictional borough of Walford E20.

In an episode set to air on Friday, July 9th, the one and only Harry Redknapp will pitch up to Mick Carter’s Euro 2020 bash as a friend of Sonia Fowler’s newfound dad, Rocky (Brian Conley).

Given that Rocky tends to stretch the truth about his celebrity connections, it’s a case of ‘the boy that cried wolf’ when he tells the locals that Harry is his pal and will be popping along for a pint.

But the disbelieving punters are left eating their words when a flash car pulls up and Harry steps out.

Here, the legendary Harry, 74, who has managed clubs including West Ham, Spurs and Bournemouth, reveals all about his guest appearance, and his shock on discovering that Albert Square is just a TV set...

Harry Redknapp makes a cameo in EastEnders for Euro 2020

Harry arrives in Walford next week.  (Image credit: BBC)

Were you a big fan of EastEnders before your cameo?

Yes! My wife, Sandra, never misses an episode. I watch it, but if there’s a match on the other side, I’ll be honest, I have to switch! But I’ve followed it over the years and I remember when it first started all them years ago, it was so exciting. It’s a great show. We’ve always been fans in the family. 

Who in the cast were you most excited about meeting?

Everyone! I’ve been watching them all over the years, so I was really looking forward to it. Away from the show, I’m a big fan of Brian Conley, I think he’s a fantastic talent and I love hearing him sing. He’s a great all-round entertainer, so to meet him was great. But everyone from the cast and the crew was so lovely, I couldn’t tell you how nice everyone was to me. 

EastEnders Brian Conley as Rocky

Harry is brought to Walford by pal Rocky (Brian Conley). (Image credit: BBC)

What was it like stepping onto the Square? Was the set how you imagined? 

I thought it was all real! I didn’t realise, so that was a surprise! I thought they must have bought a real square up and used it for filming - I didn’t realise the houses have all been built for the show! The Queen Vic, as well – it was amazing.

The Vic is all Euro themed – was it nice to be part of the celebration?

Yeah, it was lovely – let’s hope we’ve got something to celebrate when it airs! 

In the show, you’re good friends with Brian Conley’s character, Rocky. What was it like, working with him?

It was great. As I said, I’m a Brian fan so it was great that I’m Rocky’s mate in the show. I know Danny (Dyer) really well too, he’s a great guy. It was great to be with them.

Harry Redknapp makes a cameo in EastEnders for Euro 2020

Rocky is pleased to see his old friend Harry in Walford.  (Image credit: BBC)

Danny’s character, Mick Carter, lets you know that you’re welcome in The Queen Vic anytime. Would you be up for returning?

I’d love to! I’m always available and they’d better hurry up because I’m sure Coronation Street will be trying to get me now! I’m starting to perfect my Manchester accent so Mick will have to invite me back to The Vic quick! But really, I had a great time and would love to go back.

Will you be watching with Sandra and the family?

Absolutely! We’re going to be there, ready for it! We’ll be singing the theme tune. I don’t watch myself on TV, usually, but I will definitely make an exception for EastEnders – I’m ready for it! 

EastEnders scheduling has changed this week due to Euro 2020 - for the latest listings see our TV Guide. All of this week's EastEnders episodes are also available as a boxset on BBC iPlayer

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