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Fubo TV rebuilds multiview for Apple TV — watch 4 things at once on 1 screen!

This is pretty awesome. FuboTV has had multiview for a while now. But they've just revamped it for those using Apple TV (and presumably with a large television) — and it looks pretty great.

The video here shows how you can watch up to four channels at once — that's twice as many as you could before — all on one screen. 

That's perfect for those of you who love to watch four cooking shows at once. Or four morning shows at once. Or four news channels at once. Or four sporting events all at once. Or four reality shows at once. (How your brain doesn't explode at that one is beyond me.)

All you need to get in on the action is an Apple TV box, and a FuboTV subscription. The former remains the best streaming hardware you can buy. And the latter has become a pretty popular option, particularly if you want a chance to watch sports in (upscaled) 4K resolution — Fubo still is one of the only ways to do that in the United States.

And its pricing remains competitive with the other live TV options, starting at $60 a month for its basic plan.

Phil Nickinson

Phil spent his 20s in the newsroom of the Pensacola (Fla.) News Journal, his 30s on the road for and Mobile Nations, is the Dad part of Modern Dad, and is editor of