HBO Max is now much easier to watch, thanks to Prime Video

Aubrey Plaza, Will Sharpe, Theo James and Meghann Fahy in The White Lotus on HBO Max
Aubrey Plaza, Will Sharpe, Theo James and Meghann Fahy in The White Lotus on HBO Max (Image credit: HBO/Sky)

If you've been considering subscribing to HBO Max but don't want yet another streaming service that you need to remember to check, a solution is in sight.

HBO Max is now offered as a Prime Video channel, letting you subscribe within Amazon and also see all your HBO content in Prime Video's library. This saves you from having to use multiple apps and services if you're already a Prime subscriber.

Subscribing to HBO Max via Prime Video costs you $14.99 per month, which is the price of the standalone streaming service if you subscribe separately, though there's no access to the $9.99 ad-enabled tier or annual subscription plans like HBO's own service offers. 

There's a seven-day free trial for the HBO Max Prime Video channel, before you have to start paying. If you watch 10 hours of Game of Thrones every day, you could see the entirety of it in this period of time (though we wouldn't recommend doing that).

HBO Max offers the entirety of HBO's programming. As well as Game of Thrones and recent spin-off House of the Dragon, there's White Lotus, Our Flag Means Death, The Flight Attendant and many more shows, as well as recent movies like The Batman, Dune and Fast and Furious 9.

In 2023, HBO Max and Discovery Plus are expected to pair together, bringing lots of factual entertainment shows to the platform.

This is actually a return to Prime Video for HBO Max, as it was initially removed from the service back in September 2021. There was no word on why this happened, but the issue has evidently been resolved now.

There are plenty of other streaming services that you can access as a Prime Video channel. Paramount Plus, Showtime, AMC Plus, Britbox and more all offer access to their own libraries, but in Prime Video's browser.

Essentially, Prime Video can become your one-stop shop for TV shows and movies to watch if you subscribe this way, saving you from the task of juggling loads of different apps and services. Plus, the payment all comes out at one time and to one company, instead of spread out through the month.

While we don't expect to see Prime Video's biggest competitors offered as a channel, with Netflix and Disney Plus likely happy to remain distinct rivals, this method of watching movies and shows is much easier to use.

Tom Bedford
Streaming and Ecommerce Writer

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