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Last night’s EastEnders left fans suffering with headaches - here’s why!

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EastEnders fans found Ian Beale's return to Walford hard to watch for this hilarious reason...

Last night's EastEnders saw Ian Beale make his return to Albert Square after spending months in New Zealand visiting his eldest son, Peter. But it wasn't his awkward reunion with killer son Bobby that got fans talking... it was his shirt!

As Ian stepped out of the taxi there was only one thing everyone could think about, and that's where on earth Ian would buy something like that.

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In fact, Ian's new attire was so jazzy that some EastEnders viewers complained it was giving them a headache...

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As viewers recovered from the shock of Ian's new wardrobe, he made his way through the Square looking for his mum.

But a lot has changed since he went away, not only is Bobby back, but so is Ben... and his mum has opened a gay bar!

As Ian tracked Kathy down to the Price Albert, he was clearly stalling for time, dreading going home and coming face-to-face with a newly-released Bobby.

Kathy was fuming that Ian hadn't text or called, and gave her son a good talking to. But as they got home and Ian saw Bobby, things couldn't have been more awkward.

EastEnders Bobby Beale

Bobby has struggled since coming back home (Picture: BBC)

In comparison, Ian was thrilled to see his little brother, Ben and the difference between Ben's welcome to his own definitely wasn't lost on Bobby.

But while Ben was determined to get Bobby out of the house and into the Square to face everyone, Ian and Kathy weren't so sure.

In the end Ben managed to persuade Ian and the family went to The Vic for a drink - but they definitely didn't get a warm welcome.

EastEnders Ian Beale Bobby Beale and Ben Mitchell

The Beale clan went to the pub last night, but they didn't get a warm welcome (Picture: BBC)

No one was happy to see Bobby there, despite the fact he was clearly terrified of facing everyone.

Denise Fox was the only one to come and see Bobby face-to-face and welcome him back home where he belongs.

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But after a pep talk from Mel, who could see Hunter's future looking very much like Bobby's, Max went over to see the killer he did time for and offered to buy him a drink.

No one could quite believe what was happening... but then this is Max Branning, and there;'s not a long he won't do to impress a woman he fancies!

EastEnders Ben Mitchell and Bobby Beale

Ben has become Bobby's ally since he got out of jail (Picture: BBC)

But Max's big speech was too much for Bobby and he raced home to take cover... but it was only at the end of the episode that it was revealed his head was badly cut.

But who attacked him? Was it Max after another change of heart, or was this someone else entirely?

EastEnders airs Monday and Friday at 8pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on BBC One.